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Бытовая электроника и электротехническая продукция /  Садовая техника /  Аксессуары для сада / 
Информация о производителе
AgriTech Products Ltd.
77 Jiankang Road, Chong'an, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Zip: 214001


1) Suitable for tightening fence wire, poly wire or poly tape2) Molded of engineering grade polymer, or die cast of zinc alloy or aluminum alloy3) With galvanized steel arrestor lock
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336x280 banner
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 Mop Head (Mop Head)
- Plated steel, various models available- Clients designs acceptable
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Electrical porcelain insulator is an ideal insulator because not only does it have desirable electrical properties, but even more important, it maintains these properties throughout its entire life un
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Detailed product description:- Products include high-efficiency mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline solar cells module. Power of each piece varies from 1W to 170W- The module is designed in consist
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 Squeegee (Ракель)
1) Size: 350, 450, 550, 610mm2) Material: steel chrome plated, or stainless steel, rubber or EVA3) Clients designs acceptable
 Tension Spring (Пружины)
1) Used with inline strainer to indicate tension of wire2) Maintains tension when fence wire expands during hot weather3) Hot-dipped galvanized finish or stainless steel4) Clients designs acceptable
 Wire Cutter (Кусачки)
1) With specially hardened jaws to cut 12 1/2 gauges high tensile fence wire2) Comfortably shaped handles lock closed to carry-spring open to use3) 8" in length, different handles and colors for
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Wire link connects high-tensile wire without a tool, there are two openings for splicing. Simply insert the wires into the holes for splicing.Specifications:1) Code: 5056, 5058, 5062, 50642) Wire rang

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