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Shanghai Maxcare Industrial Company Limited
Room 1705, 256 South Pudong Road, Shanghai, China (Mainland) Zip: 200120
+86-21-68864883 +852-23729993


Features:1) Runs on 2 x AA batteries (excluded)2) Set includes:a) Five toothpaste tubesb) Five silicone cupsc) Dental polisher unit with cyber tubed) Black storage pouch
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Цифровой таймер
 Digital Kitchen Timer (Цифровой таймер)
Features:1) With three buttons for easy control2) With four digit display3) Maximum up to 99:99 count down4) Alert alarm when times up with magnetic at the back for attached on themetal surface5) Size
Пыль Remover (Super Эз-Brush)
 Dust Remover (Super Ez-Brush) (Пыль Remover (Super Эз-Brush))
Features:1) All-purpose dust remover2) Easy and convenient to use3) Automatic clean up4) Self-cleaning function5) Suitable for all kinds of clothing6) Suitable for pet raisers
Глаз массажер
 Eye Massager (Глаз массажер)
Features:1) The massage features variable speeds2) For deep relaxation and help to increase blood circulation3) With nature sounds to removes stress4) It makes your eyes and brain totally relax5) With
Лица Sonic
 Facial Sonic (Лица Sonic)
New ultrasonic massager in Handy Shape with Streamline DesignUltrasonic with 1,000,000 times of vibration per second to help for increase blood circulationPromote metabolism, activated lymphocyteInten
Fit-U Массаж Брюки
 Fit-U Massage Pants (Fit-U Массаж Брюки)
Features:1) Fits for all sizes2) Slims, firms, tones hips and upper legs3) With LCD for easy reading4) Six adjustable modes5) 10 optional intensities6) Auto power-off after 10 minutes7) Promotes blood
Горячая волосами
 Hot Hair (Горячая волосами)
The heat steam coming from the cover speeds up blood circle of hair, making the hair easier to absorb the nutrition making hair more smooth, flexible and moistTemperature adjustable from 40 to 65°
Лазерный маркер
 Laser Marker (Лазерный маркер)
Features:1) A new technology can project a red laser line on the wall which helpsyou measure a balance level for hanging up a photo, fixes equipmentwithout problem and make sure the line is straight2)
Нога Массажер (Air Leggy)
 Leg Massager (Air Leggy) (Нога Массажер (Air Leggy))
Features:1) With air pressure massage function2) Operated by 12V adapter (included) and four AAA batteries (not included)3) Enhances body and blood circulation4) For slim leg muscles5) Two calf boots
Макс 10 E.M.S Массажер
 Max 10 E.M.S Massager (Макс 10 E.M.S Массажер)
Features:1) You can tone up your muscles while you sit back and relax mimicking theway your body controls the muscles2) Strengthen the specific muscles areas tone and firm your bottom, tummy,arms and

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