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Информация о производителе
Nanjing Unicomposite Technology Co., Ltd.
Room 1002, Ruijin Mansion, No.48, Ruijin Road, Baixia, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Zip: 210007


We can supply various fiberglass enclosures, cabinets and boxes. Both hand lay-up and SMC/BMC compression processes are available.
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Стеклопакетами Амперметр Box
 Fiberglass Ammeter Box (Стеклопакетами Амперметр Box)
Product Name: Fiberglass Ammeter BoxPlace of Origin: ChinaThese products made by hand lay-up technology or SMC to protect ammeter with dimensional stability, corrosion resistant and maintenance free a
Литые части стеклопакетами
 Fiberglass Moulded Part (Литые части стеклопакетами)
Product Name: Fiberglass Moulded PartPlace of Origin: ChinaThis is the our special hand lay-up technology with light weight, high strength, environmentally safe, electrical and thermal insulation and
Стеклопакетами палатки
 Fiberglass Tent Pole (Стеклопакетами палатки)
Product Name: Fiberglass Tent PolePlace of Origin: ChinaTent poles, which are used as major support components of camping tents, are manufactured firstly by pultrsion process with fiberglass as reinfo
Пол с пенопластом
 Floor with Foam Core (Пол с пенопластом)
Product Name: Floor with Foam CorePlace of Origin: ChinaMoltredtm is composed of fiberglass structure and special core materials. Waterproof and resistant to moisture, environmentally safe electrical
Человек люк этаж
 Man Hole Cover Floor (Человек люк этаж)
Product Name: Man Hole Cover FloorPlace of Origin: ChinaThis kind floor with lightweight and high strength, durable and long service span, competitive price, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.
Литые & круглого стеклопакетов ручки
 Molded & Round Fiberglass Handles (Литые & круглого стеклопакетов ручки)
Product Name: Molded & Round Fiberglass HandlesPlace of Origin: ChinaMolhandTM is made of molded high strength fiberglass beam with paint and plastic / rubber grips. TubhandTM is made of high strength
Литые решетки
 Moulded Grating (Литые решетки)
Molded fiberglass gratings are made by casting fiberglass and resin together.
Multi-Leg Группы
 Multi-Leg Panel (Multi-Leg Группы)
Product Name: Multi-Leg PanelPlace of Origin: ChinaVarious fiberglass floorings / decking / panels are available: pultrusded hollowdecking, pultruded multi-leg panel, pultruded gratings, molded gratin
Пика, лопаты ручка
 Pick, Shovel Handle (Пика, лопаты ручка)
Fiber plastic TM is made of high strength fiberglass beam (strengthen member) and plastic out layer. The special plastic outer layer offers ease of grasp and special sense of touching.

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