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Nanjing Unicomposite Technology Co., Ltd.
Room 1002, Ruijin Mansion, No.48, Ruijin Road, Baixia, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Zip: 210007


Product Name: EnclosurePlace of Origin: ChinaWe can supply various fiberglass enclosures, cabinets and boxes. Both hand lay-up and SMC/BMC compression processes are available.
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 Enclosure (Добавление)
We can supply various fiberglass enclosures, cabinets and boxes. Both hand lay-up and SMC/BMC compression processes are available.
Стеклопакетами Амперметр Box
 Fiberglass Ammeter Box (Стеклопакетами Амперметр Box)
Product Name: Fiberglass Ammeter BoxPlace of Origin: ChinaThese products made by hand lay-up technology or SMC to protect ammeter with dimensional stability, corrosion resistant and maintenance free a
Литые части стеклопакетами
 Fiberglass Moulded Part (Литые части стеклопакетами)
Product Name: Fiberglass Moulded PartPlace of Origin: ChinaThis is the our special hand lay-up technology with light weight, high strength, environmentally safe, electrical and thermal insulation and
Стеклопакетами палатки
 Fiberglass Tent Pole (Стеклопакетами палатки)
Product Name: Fiberglass Tent PolePlace of Origin: ChinaTent poles, which are used as major support components of camping tents, are manufactured firstly by pultrsion process with fiberglass as reinfo
Пол с пенопластом
 Floor with Foam Core (Пол с пенопластом)
Product Name: Floor with Foam CorePlace of Origin: ChinaMoltredtm is composed of fiberglass structure and special core materials. Waterproof and resistant to moisture, environmentally safe electrical
Человек люк этаж
 Man Hole Cover Floor (Человек люк этаж)
Product Name: Man Hole Cover FloorPlace of Origin: ChinaThis kind floor with lightweight and high strength, durable and long service span, competitive price, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.
Литые & круглого стеклопакетов ручки
 Molded & Round Fiberglass Handles (Литые & круглого стеклопакетов ручки)
Product Name: Molded & Round Fiberglass HandlesPlace of Origin: ChinaMolhandTM is made of molded high strength fiberglass beam with paint and plastic / rubber grips. TubhandTM is made of high strength
Литые решетки
 Moulded Grating (Литые решетки)
Molded fiberglass gratings are made by casting fiberglass and resin together.
Multi-Leg Группы
 Multi-Leg Panel (Multi-Leg Группы)
Product Name: Multi-Leg PanelPlace of Origin: ChinaVarious fiberglass floorings / decking / panels are available: pultrusded hollowdecking, pultruded multi-leg panel, pultruded gratings, molded gratin

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