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Tasco Food Industry And Trading Co. Ltd.
Sahrayicedid, Ataturk Caddesi No : 32/3, Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey


Tomato paste -canned and asepticProduct types of tomato paste are as follows:1)aseptic tomato pasteTomato paste packed in bulk sized aseptic bag in drums. Mostly used for industrial purposes.Types of aseptic tomato paste are as follows:* 28-30 brix cold break and hot break* 30-32 brix hot break* 36-38 brix cold break tomato paste2) canned tomato pasteTomato paste packed in tin cans in different retail pack sizes. Mostly used for direct consumption in retail markets.Types of canned tomato paste according to packaging sizes are as follows:1/4 KG tin cans1/2 KG tin cans1/1 KG tin cans and glass jar5/1 KG tin cans10/1 KG tin cansCanned tomato paste is available in 20-22 brix,28-30 brix.All tomato paste having good color, bostwick, hmc and natural organoloptic characteristics. Products could be produced based on customer specification as well as standard products are available.Organic tomato paste also available as well as conventional tomato paste in different brix value.Private label programmes on tomato paste could be applied when clients required.We have no limit on supplying tomato paste worldwide. You need to come to us just on correct time. Before the production season is required when high quantity and specific products demanded.You are very welcome for your all tomato products requirements.Tasco food ready to make its best for your benefit.
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We supply quality olive oils from Turkey heartland of best quality olives. We supply following olive oils, extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and pure olive oil:Extra virgin olive oil:It is firs
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Aseptic organic 28-30 brix tomato paste available.High quality turkish origin, good color, consistent quality,Certificate by bcs okogarantie gmbh/EU and nop.Packaging 55 gallon per drum. Bag in drum.
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