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81/161 Ramkhamheang 186, Minburi, Bangkok Thailand, Thailand


Canned seafood products smile fish brand. From canned seafood manufacturing in south east Asia is supply of canned seafood products. Canned seasoning sardines, canned sardines in oil and tomato sauce
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Фруктовые соки и фруктовые консервы
Supply fruit juice canned fruit sweet corn canned pipeapple from Thailand have many kind of fruit products
Модифицированный крахмал, рисовая мука, мука и продукты саго Семенов
Supply modifines Tapioca starch flour starch products rice flour, sago seed products from Thailand in bulk pack and retail packAnd many kind of flour export from tfrom manufacturing hailand.
Белый сахар Icumsa30
Our can supply White Sugar ICUMSA 30 and Other Cane SugarBulk and Container shipmentBest QualityThailand OriginPacking 50 kgs / bagContact back for send specification and offer to you
Зубная паста Colgate, Johnson порошком, Johnson Baby Oil
Our supply colgate toothpaste, darlie toothpaste, Johnson powder, Johnson soap, Johnson baby oil. Johnson baby shampoo and baby care productsGood quality
Carabao марки напитков Джинджер Soft Drink
 Carabao Brand Beverages Ginger Soft Drink (Carabao марки напитков Джинджер Soft Drink)
Energy drink products carabao dang brandProducts from ThailandEnergy drink products detail on my websiteIf interest kindly contact us.
Зубная паста Colgate, Johnson порошком, Johnson Baby Oil
 Colgate Toothpaste, Johnson Powder, Johnson Baby Oil (Зубная паста Colgate, Johnson порошком, Johnson Baby Oil)
Our supply Colgate Toothpaste, Darlie Toothpaste, Johnson Powder, Johnson Soap, Johnson Baby Oil. Johnson Baby Shampoo and Baby Care productsGood quality
Сушеного кокоса, Кокос и кокосовое порошковые продукты
 Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Powder And Coconut Products (Сушеного кокоса, Кокос и кокосовое порошковые продукты)
Hight fat (hfdc )and low fat desiccated coconut. (lfdc)furthermore, we passed verification and evaluation from thai industrial standards. Institute ministry of industry that our factory is a good manu
Сушеные морепродукты, сушеный анчоус, креветки, сушеная рыба
 Dried Seafood, Dried Anchovy, Shrimp, Dried Fish (Сушеные морепродукты, сушеный анчоус, креветки, сушеная рыба)
Produce many kind variety of products dried seafoods and dried seasoning seafood products e. G. Fish, anchovy, squid, fish snack, etc. Factory have obtained the certificate of Thailand is food and dru

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