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Информация о производителе
Linyi Ruiqiao Import and Export Co., Ltd.
A01,10/F,Huigu Shikong,Jinqueshan 1st Road, Lanshan, Linyi, Shandong, China (Mainland) Zip: 276000
+86-539-8110690 +8117718


Specifications:1) Irregular square thin slice2) Natural white3) Peeled skin4) Thickness: 6.0 - 7.0mm5) Moisture: less than 8%6) SO2: less than 80ppm, no impurity7) We can also supply horseradish powder (100 - 120 mesh)Inner packing:15kg or 20kg/double poly bag (for flakes)10kg x 2bags/aluminum foil bag (for powder)Outer packing:CartonOr as per customers optionsCertifacate:HACCP, KOSHER
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Свежий чеснок
Features:1) Chinese fresh garlic2) Variety:a) Normal white garlicb) Pure white garlic3) Sizes: 4.5cm up, 5.0cm up, 5.5cm up, 6.0cm up, 6.5cm up4) Supplying period:a) Fresh season: early June to Septem
Замороженные желтый лук Cube
Spec:10*10mm, 6*6mm, 5*5mmPacking:10kg/ctn inside one plastic bagOr according to customers requirements
IQF Pepper G n полосы
Features:1) Color: fresh raw materials, green brightly2) Quality: Grade A, without rot and peculiar smell3) Sanitation, microorganism and pesticide remnants meet export standards4) Size:a) Width: 1cmb
IQF зеленый / красный перец Bell
IQF green bell peppers:Spec.: 10x10mm(Diced), 10xnatural length(Strips)Packing: 10kg/Carton(dice)IQF red bell peppers:Spec.: 10x10mm(Diced), 10xnatural length(Strips)Packing: 10KG/CartonPayment terms:
IQF Красный перец Dices
(1) Size:10 x 10mm,20 x 20mm(2) Type: California Wonder(3) Pesticide residue: In accordance with EU and FDA standard(4) Heavy metal: In accordance with EU and FDA standard(5) Also can supply IQF green
Chilli (Всего, порошковые, кольцо)
 Chilli (Whole, Powder, Ring) (Chilli (Всего, порошковые, кольцо))
Specifications: 1) Length: above 10cm, above 7cm, or 5 - 7cm2) Yellow spot: 5% (max.)3) Broken: 4% (max.)4) Moisture: 18% (max.)5) Impurity: 1% (max.)6) with stem or without stem7) Supplying period: a
Китайский Красный перец (китайский Колючая Ash)
 Chinese Red Pepper (Chinese Prickly Ash) (Китайский Красный перец (китайский Колючая Ash))
Features (1st grade):1) Moisture: 12% max.2) Naturally dried by sunshine3) Hand selected and sorted4) Distinctive flavor5) Natural without preservatives or additives6) Various specifications optional
Высушенные капуста
 Dehydrated Cabbage (Высушенные капуста)
Specifications (1st grade):1) Dimensions: 10 x 10mm, 15 x 10mm, 20 x 20mm, 25 x 25mm2) Max. moisture: 8%3) SO2: less than 30ppm, no impurityInner packing: 15kg or 20kg/double polybagOuter packing: Car
Высушенные кусочки моркови
 Dehydrated Diced Carrots (Высушенные кусочки моркови)
Specifications:1) 1st grade:a) Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 3mm, 10 x 10 x 10mm, 5 x 5 x 5mm,15 x 15mm, 3 x 3 x 3mmb) Moisture: max. 8%c) Deep red color, no brown, purple, or black granulesd) SO2: less than

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