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105 Atlanta, Nariman Point, Mumbai, India, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
+91-22-22841346 +/ +22886945


We can offer you cashew nut & cashew kernel grade W-240 and W-320 grade with prompt delivery. Also we can offer mixed grades 3-4 grades in one container with customized packing of 10kgs per tin OR 25lbs per tin or flexi packs. For more details on various grades and to know more about us, please visit our websiteWe are always looking to make new relationships with more companies all over the world. We shall be glad to reply back to your inquiry OR meet us online
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Йод 99,5% Мин
 Iodine 99.5% Min (Йод 99,5% Мин)
Formula:I2C. A. S. No:7553-56-2Molecular weight:253.81Country of origin:ChilePresentation:Free flowing granules(prills)appearance:Grey - violet metallic luster pungent odorSr. Particulars specificatio
Толуол Diisocynate 80/20 (TDI 80: 20)
 Toluene Diisocynate 80/20(TDI 80 : 20) (Толуол Diisocynate 80/20 (TDI 80: 20))
Assay:99.7% min.Acidity:0.004% max.Color: Apha 15 max.Hydrolyzable hlorine:0.01% max.Total chlorine:0.1% max.Isomer ratio:2,4 - isomer 80+/- 1%Typical propertiesAppearance: Water white to pale yellow
Чилийский виноград Томпсон
Product Info:These oval, amber green grapes are the most popular fresh variety grown and also the foremost variety used for processing into raisins.Season:January to MarchPacking:8.2 Kg / 9.2 Kg Net w
Свежие фрукты, как яблоки, виноград, апельсины, груши, персики, киви и др.
Our areas of operations include exporting of Fresh Fruits (Fresh apples, Fresh Grapes, Orange, Pears, etc) on regular basis from USA.APPLES:Red Delicious Apples-USA ProduceChilean Red Delicious Apples
Борная кислота
 Boric Acid (Борная кислота)
Formula: H3bo3Molecular weight:61.83Purity like b element:17.4 % minPurity like h3bo3:99.5% minThe following are the specifications of boric acid technical gradeB2o3:56.0% min.Sulfates(so4=):0.15% max
Безводного кальция йодат
 Calcium Iodate Anhydrous (Безводного кальция йодат)
Formula: Ca(io3)2)C. A. S. No.:7789-80-2Molecular weight:389.88Description: White off-white odorless crystalline powder.Specification:Assay on dry basisCa(io3)2):97.50% min.Iodine content :63.5 % min.

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