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China Great Wall International Trade Co., Ltd.
393 Anteng Road Ningyuan Town Qianshan District, Anshan, Liaoning, China (Mainland)


Chromium Oxide GreenC. A. S. No:1308-38-9 Formula: Cr2O3Properties: Melting point:2250 degrees C. Solubility: Insoluble in water and acidsFrom: Dark green powder Specific Gravity:5.21Specifications:Purity(Cr2O3)%:99.0MinMoisture%:0.30MaxWater soluble%:0.4MaxOil absorption g/100g:15-25MaxMesh Residue%:0.3Max(Sieve of 325 Mesh)Packing:25kg kraft-paper bagsUses: It is used like an addition to furnace inwalls, in a production of anticorrosive and fire-proof surfaces, than in a production of coating com positions, stuffs, colour bricks, tiles, roofings, rubber, plastics, etc.
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