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Taiwan Decheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd
11th Fl, 62, Sec. 2. Nanking East Road, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan


This Pet tree can flash when your mobile receives a call or text.The size of the bell is 4cm long, diameter around 1. 5cm, they can grow strong and healthy inside a self-contained plastic bell.They are portable and you can enjoy the fun of seeing them grow anytime anywhere. Unlike other ornamental garden plants, environment-friendly pet trees not only help character buiding of children but also help busy people of our times be in touch with nature. Pet tree is the latest invention and it is incredibly small that you can bring it along with you all days. You can now enjoy the fun of raising plants, the scents of joy with pet trees. Pet tree. . . Carry & grow your universe and nature in the min cell.
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