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794/G,17th F-2 Main Road,6th Block Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


We are manufacturing artificial Fashion Jewelry. The products are bracelets, necleces, ear rings.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Гранит Paradiso
 Paradiso Granite (Гранит Paradiso)
Paradiso is one of the better construction material and sizes is not a problem
Красный гранит многоцветный
 Red Multi Colour Granite (Красный гранит многоцветный)
We can supply red multi colour GraniteQuantity : 200 CBM
Ruby Red Granite
 Ruby Red Granite (Ruby Red Granite)
Ruby red is of the premier red available in the international market with big flakes and its hardness is un matched.We can also offer imperial red, kadur red, nh red and other indian red we have all i
Yinguo Чжун Гранит
 Yinguo Zhong Granite (Yinguo Чжун Гранит)
We can supply good quality of Tan Brown at very good pricesWo men keyi zuo Yinguo Zhong Hen hao Da
Красный клен гранитных блоков
We have Maple Red Quarry and regularly producing about 300 CBM every month and our material is really been approved and liked by major factories in china and we are very competitive on prices and seri
Sapphire Blue Гранит
Sapphire blue is one of the good looking and superior quality granite from india with compactness one of better ones
Абсолютный Черный Гранит
 Absolute Black Granite (Абсолютный Черный Гранит)
We are major exporter from of Indian Absolute black which is better in strength compared to other black granites around the world and looks are attractive.We export Blocks, Slabs and Tiles of Absolute
Гранит Bl k Galaxy
 Black Galaxy Granite (Гранит Bl k Galaxy)
Black Galaxy one of Rare materials is from Ongole in andhra pradesh india and we supply all Grades of materials Like with small dots, medium dots and big dots of copper in black background
Черный гранит
 Black Granite (Черный гранит)
Black galaxy is one the premier granites from india because of its unique metal composed structure and strength

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