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Sunway (China3way) Co. Ltd.
Hengtong Jiaobei, Jianghai, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


- 1. Newest design in 2006- 2. Various colors available by printing or silk-screen- 3. Material: Galvanize or tin, antirust for long life- 4.100% waterproof- 5. Customers design and size will be acceptable
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Metal Can и Бин
 Metal Can And Bin (Metal Can и Бин)
Material: Galvanize material, antirust for long lifeColour: Original or various colors available100% waterproofCustomers design and size will be acceptable
Магазин коробку и мусорное ведро
 Store Box And Waste Bin (Магазин коробку и мусорное ведро)
Size:Cf19012:S: Dia22xdia18x28. 5cmL: Dia28xdia20. 5x32cmCf19013:S: Dia19. 5xdia24h1x28. 5h2cmM: Dia22. 4x27h1x32h2cmL: Dia25x30. 5h1x35h2cmEL: Dia27. 8x32. 5h1x39h2cmCf19014a:S: Dia42xdia35x55hcmL: D
 Watering Can (Лейка)
Product model: Cf02009 - cf02010 - cf02011 - cf02012 - cf02013Size:Cf02009: Dia15.7xl37x17hcmCf02010: Dia17.8xl46x20.5hcmCf02011: Dia20.2xl45x22.5hcmCf02012: Dia22.4xl50x24hcmCf02013: Dia25.3xl55.5x26
 Watering Can (Лейка)
Watering canSIZEDia15.7xl37x17hcmDia17.8xl46x20.5hcmDia20.2xl45x22.5hcmDia22.4xl50x24hcmDia25.3xl55.5x26.5hcm
Все виды корзин
We are manufacturer of gardening, such as zinc watering can, planter, bucket caddie, planter holder, saucer, basket, etc.Our office located in jiangmen, Guangdong, China.We have 50000 square feet of f
Все виды из лотков
We can supply all kinds of tray and basket,, pls contact us for more detail.
Цветочные Организатор
Product model: Sf4-3-0453Size: L. Dia5.75x5.25hx4.13b"M. Dia5.13x4.75hxb"S. Dia5x4.25hx3.50b"
Горшок / ковша
L. Dia8x16hx5b"M. Dia7x12hx2.75b"S. Dia5x8h"x3.25b"

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