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Cv Maya
Dusun Wonoselo RT 6 Rw 20. Kaliurang Km14, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Wooden Bowls Made in IndonesiaFruits bowl, basket or planter made of woodMade in IndonesiaAvailable in various sizesShapes in round or square
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Wood Planter
 Wood Planter (Wood Planter)
Antique home accents and garden decoration. Teak wood buckets from Java Indonesia. For use as umbrella holder, pots or planters. Made of teak wood from Java Indonesia. Available in 3 sizes:Large 70cm
Античный Teak Wood Чаши
 Antique Teak Wood Bowls (Античный Teak Wood Чаши)
Antique rustic wooden bowls from Java IndonesiaMade of old teak wood. Teak wood taken from Java teak plantationDiameter around 30 to 45cmHeight around 50cmPricing based on your order quantity.Minimum
Каменные статуи будды
 Buddha Stone Statue (Каменные статуи будды)
Volcanic stone garden statueBuddha Stone Statue Garden SculptureMeditating Buddha or sitting BuddhaMade in IndonesiaSize HWD 75x55x45cm (30x22x18in)Shipped secured in wooden crates
Coco Palm Tr Wood Bowl сад Planter
 Coco Palm Tree Wood Bowl Garden Planter (Coco Palm Tr  Wood Bowl сад Planter)
Flower pot and planter for outdoor garden, lawn and patio. Made of palm tree trunk wood. Height about 60cm or 24inch. Diameter 45 to 70cm (18 to 28inch) . Made in Indonesia. Also known as palm pots.Co
Palm Горшки
 Palm Pots (Palm Горшки)
Palm pots made of palm tree trunk woodHollowed out, sanded and stainedAvailable in various sizes. Mostly height200cm150cm100cm60cmMade in Bali Java IndonesiaGood as home garden office shop hotel entra
Pandanus и соломы волокна подарочные коробки из Индонезии
 Pandanus And Straw Fibers Gift Boxes From Indonesia (Pandanus и соломы волокна подарочные коробки из Индонезии)
Gift boxes made of carton paper layered with pandanus or natural straw fibers.Gift boxes made in Indonesia.Natural and exotic look. Suitable for companies or shops who need handmade boxesOr packaging
Тика мебель Root
 Teak Root Furniture (Тика мебель Root)
Teak root furniture made in IndonesiaFurniture such as sofa, bench, lounger, tables, chairs, stools and coffee tables made of teak tree wood root.The wood for this furniture taken from hundred year ol
Teak Wood чаши и плантаторы
 Teak Wood Bowls And Planters (Teak Wood чаши и плантаторы)
Teak wood bowls and planters rustic styleMade of old teak wood trunk and logFor home and garden accentsMade in IndonesiaTeak planters available in various sizes
Тика Дерево журнала набор мебели
 Teak Wood Log Furniture Set (Тика Дерево журнала набор мебели)
Teak wood furniture from Java IndonesiaMade of old teak wood logFurniture set (table with 4 chairs)Pricing depends on the quantity purchasedPacking with carton paper

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