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Taizhou Huangyan Senli Plastics Factory
Dui`ao Village, Yuanqiao Town, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Nowadays, most house space appears little narrow. Lets just enlarge it. Using the cloth line to increase our space to hanging more things.
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Item Number: SL506406Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures and specifications:1) Material: PS2) Dimensions: 10 x 4.5 x 10.5cm3) Weight: 125g4) Pepper mill and salt shaken set5) Suitable for handling seasonin
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Item no.: SL507264Different divisions for different dish, each dish in its own place and wont jump into other smell.
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Our Smiley Face Fly Swatter will get you through the summer with a smile!
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These small plastic food container are suitable for food storage, also suitable for reheating food and keeping food fresh in refrigerator, with vent-plug on the lid.
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Our most popular basket! Filled with the finest fresh fruits and hard candies, this basket makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Fruits may include apples, pears, oranges, bananas, and grapes
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Nothing brightens up a work week better than this delightful tray full of fresh fruits.Great for office or home.Apples, bananas, oranges and pineapple arrive in a low round tray.
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Brushes made for multiple kitchen tasks. They can be used for sanitary cleaning or they can be used to clean food, such as vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, or shellfish. Kitchen brushes are available in
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Funnels are handy for hundreds of uses.Each funnel fits inside each other for neat and space saving storage.
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Useful to prepare for towel gourd, radish; just make them into filament in kitchen

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