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Shanghai Jaher Auto Accessories Factory
#419minfa Road, Yexie Town Songjiang Dist., Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Mainland)


2"Winch strap, safe working load 1000lbsM70051 2"x10M70052 2"x16M70053 2"x20
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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1m Dethatching буксируемого состава
 1m Dethatching Towed Unit (1m Dethatching буксируемого состава)
Specifications:1m dethatching towed unitItem no. A50001For use with garden tractors 10hp and up.Easily remove matted dead gras build-up with this handy dethatching rake.26 spring steel tines have work
890мм буксируемый садово Бобинорезки
 890mm Towed Lawn Slitter (890мм буксируемый садово Бобинорезки)
890mm Towed Lawn SlitterItem No. A50002Designed for use with garden tractors of 10HP or more.Improves drainage and root growth in grassed areas. Weight can be added to the top tray to aid penetration
915мм сад каток
 915mm Garden Roller (915мм сад каток)
915mm Garden RollerItem No. A50003Constructed of heavy gauge steel for long lasting use.For use with tractors of 10HP or more.Rolling width of 915mm.Weight can be increased when ballasted with water t
Алюминизированных горелка
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We manufactruring various of oven burner, if you are interested in this line of products, please contact me, oem is accepted.
Горелка духовки
 Oven Burner (Горелка духовки)
We manufactruring various of oven burner, if you are interested this line of products, please contact me, OEM is accepted.
Ratchet сковать
 Ratchet Tie Down (Ratchet сковать)
We provide 1" - 2" quality ratchet tie down, cam buckle tie down strap, winch strap, tow strap, anchor point, lashing strap, marine tie down strap.Stamping parts,Roll forming tooling(rolls)H
Roll Сформированные формы
 Roll Formed Shape (Roll Сформированные формы)
We provide precision roll formed steel shape, and stamping parts, please contact us.
Roll входящих в состав
 Roll Forming Parts (Roll входящих в состав)
Using integrated CAD/cam technology, we provide high precision roll tool, roll forming machine, and roll formed shape.
Стальной профиль
 Steel Profile (Стальной профиль)
We provide many kinds of roll formed products, please contact us, OEM is available

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