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Информация о производителе
Hebei Machinery I/E Corp.
181 Tai Hua Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China (Mainland)


Producing and exporting copper pipe fittings in China. Main items are:Plumbing copper fittings to ANSI/asme b16.22, dwv copper fittings to ANSI b16.29, copper pipeFittings bs864/en1254, elbows 90degree, elbow 45degree, tee, red. Tee, coupling, adaptor, unions and so on, all items are completed!Main export market:Canada, America, Malaysia, India, Singapore, HK, middle east, Thailand, britian, Italy, etc...Waiting your specific enquiries.Our products are very famous for their good quality and best price. If you are in need of our products, please contact us. We will do our best to support you.
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Hubless Чугунные трубы оборудование
 Hubless Cast Iron Pipe Fittings (Hubless Чугунные трубы оборудование)
Produing and exporting hubless cast iron pipe fittings in American standard and canadan standard.Please contact me with specific enquiries.
Hubless Чугунные трубы оборудование
 Hubless Cast Iron Pipe Fittings (Hubless Чугунные трубы оборудование)
Csa b70/ASTM a888 hubless cast iron pipe fittings.
Hubless Чугунные трубы оборудование
 Hubless Cast Iron Pipe Fittings (Hubless Чугунные трубы оборудование)
Hubless cast iron pipe fittings, reducers,According to csa b70 and ASTM a888.
Hubless Чугунные трубы арматура Почва
 Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe Fittings (Hubless Чугунные трубы арматура Почва)
Hubless cast iron soil pipe fittings,Dty according to csa b70 and ASTM a888
Механические части
 Mechanical Parts (Механические части)
Supply various of kinds of Mechanical Spare Parts and power transmission parts:Sprockets, Taper Bushings, Hubs, pulley, sheave, and couplings, as per customers drawings or samples.
Труба Зажимы для подвеса
 Pipe Hanger Clamps (Труба Зажимы для подвеса)
Supply various of Pipe hanger clamps, like as Ring Hanger, Riser Clamp, Clevis Hanger,All threaded rods, and pipe couplings
Проволока Арматура для галстуков
 Rebar Tie Wire (Проволока Арматура для галстуков)
Supply rebar tie wire, also can supply you of various kinds of wire meshes, garden wire mesh, wire containers, garden fence, fence Post etc.
Болтов и гаек и болтов
 Screws And Nuts And Bolts (Болтов и гаек и болтов)
We are a very strong Chinese supplier for fasteners,Our main products are: Chipboard screws, Drywall screws, Wood screws, kinds of bolts and Nuts and washers.We export these items with very large quan
Щетки для обуви
 Shoe Brushes (Щетки для обуви)
Producing and exporting various shoe brushes and shoe accessories to European market and American market.

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