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Wuhan Xinda Economic & Trading Development Co., Ltd.
P. O. Box 71620603, Wuhan, Hubei, China, Wuhan, Hubei, China (Mainland)


We have crystal case for mobile usage, it is a very new style,Which we registered our own brands and patent.It has soft protection plastic on key board area which is a bigImprovement than traditional mobile crystal case.If you need more information ,please feel free to ask
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Crystal Case для Nokia
Product Name: Crystal Case for Nokia 5300Place of Origin: ChinaOur crystal case is a new style replacing old ones, it has a softhigh tech plastic on key board protecting keyboard area.it is transparen
Прерывистое мобильных телефонов
Flashing of Mobile phone:When the mobile phone rings or have short messages,it will flash.Features:1.Size:2.5*3cm2.Material:PVC3.Packaging:opp bag4.Different kinds: Polo shirt Flashing , Glass Flashin
Мобильные Crystal Case Новый стиль
We have very special crystal case used on mobile.Our crystal case part on key board is not empty ,but with a soft plastic part which can help to protect key board and have veryGood markets sales now.I
Мобильные Ремешок
How are you?We have different modes of lanyard to be exported, if you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us.Also we have crystal case for different mobiles. Ours are veryDifferent from
Мобильный телефон очистка
Features:1) Functions: used to clean the screens of mobile phones, laptops, camerasand other electronic products2) Logo: multi-color logos can be printed onto the products, silk printed oroffset print
Pet завода
Looking for best Christmass item?Here is an answer.As a reliable OEM manufacturer, K&A Tech deliver the value you need.-plant typeWith plant (Pet plant)-weight/width(diameter)/height20g.17mm/42mm-rema
Миниатюрные жизни завода в пластиковые капсулы
 A Living Miniature Plant In Plastic Capsule (Миниатюрные жизни завода в пластиковые капсулы)
***SpecificationsMinipl is the original model of living mini plants in a plastic capsule coming out from South Korea. As a manufacturer, we can serve the products of top quality with the best price.**
Ключевые кольца с завода
 Key Ring With Plant (Ключевые кольца с завода)
"with plant" is new product for year 2006 market.From classic non color item 2003 to new type 2005, we have been done our best effort to satify customer demand.From this model, we use specia
Смотри Для агентов Chaliyuan Мобильный телефон Charging Station Giving вам три Голе
 Look For Agent Chaliyuan Mobile Phone Charging Station Giving You Three Gol (Смотри Для агентов Chaliyuan Мобильный телефон Charging Station Giving вам три Голе)
The first golden key is that you can place the Chaliyuan mobil phone at the bus and train station, ports, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, newspaper-selling spots, as well as traveling resorts, an

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