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Quanzhou Kaiyuan Meifeng Metal Wire Factory
Kengwei Road, Beifeng Industrial Zone, Quanzhou, Fujian, China (Mainland)


We can make the parts according to your design.
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We can supply a variety of precision parts.
Aluminum and free package.
Карданный вал, CV Joint, коленчатый вал, клапаны двигателя
We are professional manufacturer of all kinds of universal joints & yoke and trade in c. V joints, wheel bearing, taper roller bearing, propeller shaft, engine crankshaft, valve, gaskets, self-lubrica
 Accessories (Аксессуары)
Product Name: AccessoriesModel Number: DSCF2827Place of Origin: ChinaMaterial: S45C, SS41Special for auto machine parts
 Balls (Мячи)
1) Products:glass ballsteel balla) Steel balls: chrome steel balls, carbon steel balls, stainless steel ballsb) Tungsten carbide ballsc) Copper ballsd) Grinding ballse) Polish balls2) Grade range: G5
Bevel КПП-L1
 Bevel Gearbox-L1 (Bevel КПП-L1)
Features:1) Power saving2) Adopts comprehensive modular design from boxes to gears3) High quality material: high purity quotient alloy steel 20CrMnTi4) Heat treatment: carbonization and hardening5) To
Литье, механическая обработка, ковка, Tooling & Нажатие частей
 Casting, Machining, Forging, tooling & Pressing Parts (Литье, механическая обработка, ковка, Tooling & Нажатие частей)
Product Name: Casting, Machining, Forging, tooling & Pressing PartsPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Strong processing facilities, including 33 units of CNC and 229 general machines2) Specialized in c
Керамические части
 Ceramic Part (Керамические части)
Product Name: Ceramic PartModel Number: DSCF2825Place of Origin: ChinaPrecision parts by CNC machines.
Части с ЧПУ
 CNC Part (Части с ЧПУ)
Product Name: CNC PartModel Number: DSCF2856Place of Origin: ChinaUsed for special equipment.

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