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Harn-udomkij Co., Ltd.
11 Soi Charoenrat 13 Charoenrat Rd. Klongsan Bangkok Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand


We can supply molds, plastic injection products, household electrical appliances, toys, alloy products, silk screens, and assemblies.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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We can do for you as follows,1)Can depend on the sample to measure,design the drawing for you.2)Can manufacture it untill you ok it.and the quality you can put down your heart.3)We will protect your p
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The company, as a private enterprise, is mainly engaged in R&D, mold manufacture, and molding & forming business. It, previously a mold processing plant, was restructured to Sunny Mold & plastic Produ
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This cleaning machine has the special and pretty shape, and its structure is quite complicate. It adopts the craft of one-time rotational molding, which the other plastic craft cant achieve.It has the
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Mouldings---we are making many mouldings. They are made from pine, poplar, fir and oak. They can be natural finished or primed.
Our advantage in technology lies in:1, As a mould-maker over 10 years, we especially good at gravity casting mould and aluminum roto-mould.2, We have the ability to conduct full process in making moul
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Features:1) Advanced mould processing equipment ensures superior quality (with several CNCprocessing centers, electro spark machines, electric pulsing machines and precisedprocessing machines)2) With

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