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Setel A. S.
Cumhuriyet Bulvari,1378 Sokak, No : 4, K : 1, Izmir/Turkey , Alsancak, Turkey


We can supply the first class Sell Electric Forllift,diesel Forklift,reach Lift Truck,narrow Aisle Forklift,Fantastic Economy And Value Pallet Truck,Hand Pallet Truck,Hand Pallet Truck,Pallet Truck with scale,High Lift Pallet Truck,Electric High Lift,Scissor lift table,Electric Pallet Truck,Semi-electric Pallet Truck,Manual Stacker,semi-electric stacker, Full electric stacker,Electric reel High Lift,Electric reach stacker,Please contact us if any needs
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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H &F05 forklifts are equipped with a hydrostatic power steering system that works to reduxe steering effort and lessen fatigue over long hours of operation. Completely hydraulic in design with no mech
We are wholesaler of forklift parts, including forks, counterweights, chains, tyres.
Commodity Name: Diesel ForkliftModel: FD SeriesSpecifications:Suspend type bodywork;Intelligent with slow balance door frame;Fluid transmission and electronic shift;Perfect curve super type;China or i
Б / у вилочных
I am offering used fork lift ,hydraulic and electrical ones ,mostly from Korean manufcturerplease feel free to contact me for detaled infos
CDD электрический штабелер
 CDD Electric Stacker (CDD электрический штабелер)
Specifications:1) Capacity (kg): 10002) Max lifting height (mm): 30003) Min fork height (mm): 904) Length of fork (mm): 10005) Overall width of fork (mm): 6806) Overall length (mm): 15077) Overall wid
Fork Lift
 Fork Lift (Fork Lift)
Loading lifting capacity: 5,000kgLoad central: 600mmBiggest load-lifting height: 3,000mmFree load-lifting height: 190mmMast inclination (tilting forward/backward): 6°/12°Biggest load-lifting s
Fork Truck
 Fork Truck (Fork Truck)
There are two kinds of fork truck. One is front fork truck. The other is side forktruck. The side fork truck is a new machine. It has several characters from theordinary fork truck. The fork is fit be
Fork Truck
 Fork Truck (Fork Truck)
Product Name: Fork TruckPlace of Origin: ChinaThere are two kinds of fork truck. One is front fork truck. The other is side forktruck. The side fork truck is a new machine. It has several characters f
Forklift Truck
 Forklift Truck (Forklift Truck)
Features:Rated lifting capacity/load center moment: 7,000/600kg/mmLifting height: 3,000mmLifting speed: 300mm/sTilt angle forward/backward: 6°/12°Travel speed:Forward 1st gear/2nd gear: 9/21

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