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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd
East of Dama Village


Item No.  GWH Fire sleeve button Dimensions Inner diameter 6~130 mm Thickness 3~5mm Roll length: 10m /20m /25m /30m Features 1.Oil and water resistant 2.Can be shaped to fit the tightest bends 3.Includes fire tape to seal sleeve ends 4.Glass fiber sleeve with silicone rubber coating 5.Perfect for insulating wires,oil & fuel lines and Protects against dirt and road grime Withstands up to 1650℃ ambient heat ,Withstands 560℃ of direct continuous heat Product reaction Thermal protection; Insulated fireproof; Resistance to voltage; Heat insulation; Anti-corrosion and flexibility Packing 10m /20m /25m /30m meters per roll per PE bag; Packing size: 47x47x10cm; 47x47x15cm;50x50x20cm MOQ 1 meters Application Main application to the steel smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting, power plant, shipyard etc the high temperature areas that need to be protective of cable, hose and pipes. Payment T/T,L/C,Paypal, Western Union, Escrow, Money Gram Color Red, other colors can be customized under requirements. Flame retardant VW-1 Approval UL/SGS/ROHS etc.
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