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Ben Azaiez Family Group
Str. Popieluszki 17B


WE OFFER THE BEST TOMATO SAUCE TUNISIAN .n Tunisia, tomatoes are grown throughout the year, tomato season and late tomato season are exclusively grown in the open field, while for the off-season tomato it is grown most often in cold greenhouses or greenhouses heated with geothermal water.Double concentred Paste Tomato 400 g Easy Open 24 pcs / Carton Production 2015 DLC : 03 ans Paiement term : 50% T/T by bank transfer  Double concentred Paste Tomato 800 gr Easy Open 12pcs / Carton Production 2015 DLC : 03 ans Paiement term : 50% T/T by bank transfer Lead time : within 15 days after receiving the total montant.Tunisian sauces, which are closer to spicy broths, are an integral part of the dish Minimum Order: 24 tons
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