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Zhangqiu Yulong machine Co.,ltd
Zhangqiu,Jinan,Shandong China


We produce biomass pellet production line machines such as wood debarking machine , wood logs splitter, wood chipper, hammer mill crusher, straw bale crusher, grass cutter, dryer and cooler, pellet machine and briquette machine, various mixer, screener, biomass pellet stove, pellet packing machines and all conveyors etc..For alfalfa pellet machine introduction as below : 1.Alfalfa pellet machine can press high crude fiber biomass waste and chemical fertilizer materials into 2-8mm diameter pellets. It is specially fit for biomass waste from wheat straw or rice straw, corn stalk, rice husk , palm fiber ,palm shell or groundnut shell , very hard wood etc., also can press fertilizer granules from animal manure, plant waste, chemical waste etc.,before pelletizing , raw materials should crush into fine powder, humidity keeps 15%-20%. 2.Alfalfa pellet machine adopts both common ring die pellet machine and flat die pellet machine advantages ,working principle is –roller assemble moves, the ring die keep stable, producing high larger pressure, then pressing very low adhesive biomass waste into high density pellets --- 1.1-1.4ton/m³. Pellet length can be adjusted. 3.Alfalfa pellet machine contains hydraulic pressure pump, which can adjust pressure automatically to fit for different materials pressure ratio. When adjusted to the fit pressure, pressure will keep stable automatically, but other supplier pellet machine need to adjust pressure manually each time use, very trouble to operate.  4.Alfalfa pellet machine also contains full automatical lubricate spare parts oil systems , which can lubricate spare parts oil automatically---- spare parts such as rollers, vertical shaft ,gears, bearings ,but other common supplier pellet machine needs to add oil each four working hours, very trouble to operate.  5.Alfalfa pellet machine adopts flat die pellet machine vertical feeding materials advantages , feed materials vertically and directly to pelletizing room , ring die and roller assemble works in a horizontal way, but other supplier common ring die pellet machine only can feed materials from gear box side and its ring ide work in a vertical level, their feeding speed and working efficiency are both very low. Its spare parts can not produce large pressure, especially inner big shaft and bearings , if can not produce large pressure ,after long continuous hours , will be easily broken. 6.Alfalfa pellet machine has one ring die with two--layers : the top layer and bottom layer .when pellet machine works , rollers will move ,toughing with ring die bottom layer , the ring die keeps stable ,in this way ,ring die top layer will rebound the splashed materials into bottom pressing room, increase its capacity and working efficiency, common ring die pellet machine will splash a lot materials outside when working.  7.When alfalfa pellet machine works, its ring die only bottom layer make function(only bottom layer tough with roller assemble), once ring die bottom layer broken , turn over it and make the top layer to bottom, then it will work secondly time . So one ring die can use two times .also the top and bottom layer hole dimension can be different, so one ring die can press into two different diameter pellets . but other supplier pellet machine just have one layer and only can use one time 8.Alfalfa pellet machine works with air fan and bags dust filter, on one hand, it will clean dust, protectthe environment effectively . on the other hand, it can cool pellet machine inner spare parts heat temperature,making sure long continuous working time. 9.Alfalfa pellet machine all spare parts are made by CNC systems , through high technical heat treatment , HRC larger than 50 degree . We sold out more than 8000 sets XGJ pellet machine per year, have big discount for old customer, greatly welcome to ask me for details. It is honorable to service.  ModelPower (Kw)Capacity (kg/h)Weight (kg)Dimension(mm)XGJ56090+1.5+0.37+1.51000-150061002600x1300x2300XGJ720160+3+0.37+1.51500-250095002900x1300x2400XGJ850220+3+0.55+2.22500-3000145003300x1400x3100XGJ920315+5.5+0.55+1.5+33000-4500180003800x1680x3400XGJ1050450+5.5+0.55+1.5+34500-600024500  Chapter 4:Contact informationKevin ZhangZhangqiu Yulong machine Co. Ltd.Skype:kevinzhang8979MP.+8618615685051Tel:+86-531-83483997Fax:+86-531-83483378www.woodpelletmill.netwww.wood-pelletizer.comQQ:1044399817
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