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Xiamen Beewill Sanitary Co., Ltd.
15#-1, No. 64, Yuanting Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian, China


More details about this Hygienic european bathroom toilet seat: Product data sheet Model Define_H02 Design feature European universal shape Material Duroplast Weight 2.3 kgs Size 362*430+/-20mm, details refer to the drawing as below Color white, black, beige, red, orange, violet, kiwi Surface Manual polished Cover style Sandwich Lid buffer 2 pcs Ring buffer 4 pcs Edge Manual polished, smooth and easy to clean Hinge Tool aided (with screw driver) easy release and soft close Hinge body finish Chrome plated Hinge material Stainless steel Fixing Available with both top fixing and bottom fixng Load DIN standards conformed Guarantee 10 years for soft close     Why duroplast Duroplast material, also named as urea, or thermosetting material, is the best material for toilet seats. The major composition of the duroplast material is a kind of wood based cellulose, and hence is very skin friendly and environmental friendly.  Beewill duroplast toilet seat has an extremely hard surface which makes it resistant to scratches, chemicals, as well as infections, and hence is a very hygiene toilet seat. Below listed are some advantages of duroplast toilet seats over thermoplastic toilet seats:   Duroplast PP/ABS/Thermoplastic Hard surface, Scratch resistant Easy to be scratched No color change Easy to turn yellowish after some time Ceramic feeling, looks integrated with ceramic Looks and feels different than ceramic Resistant to cigarette burn Easy to be burned by cigarette Very easy to be cleaned Geasy surface, not easy to be cleaned Resistant to daily chemicals Easy to lose color with some daily chemicals UV-resistant, not easy to lose color Easy to lose color under sunshine Antistatic and dust repellent Easy to get static and collects dust Degraded in nature, environmental friendly Petrol product, cannot be degraded, not friendly to environment    Advantage of this hinge After the one push button and two push button quick release hinges, Beewill further created the tool aided easy release hinge, which can be accomodated also on the same seat, and hence offers more flexibility for customers, meeting multiple demands from the market. Advantages of the tool-aided easy release hinge are listed as below:         1. Just with a normal screw driver, you can take off the seat for cleaning, and then screw back the same way after cleaning.         2. Top screws connecting directly the hinge pin, offers extra security and hence no shaking problem after installation.         3. Plastic hinge body with simple construction, offers cheaper solution compared to the quick release hinges.         4. Chrome plated finish gives a high class feeling, and can pass the EU standard salt spray test.         5. Hinge plate cover has the same shiny surface as the chrome plated hinge body, which makes a very high class product.         6. Integrated with Beewill slow close damper, which is guranteed with 100,000 life cycles, then makes a super toilet seat.     More hinge options  Except the above hinge, all Beewill toilet seats are also available with more hinge options, which gives a lot of flexibility for customers.      Our advantages 1. Strong capability on technology: We have a strong team of R&D with more than 12 years of experiences and innovativeness, who are launching new products every year.   2. Our soft close damper is developed and made by ourselves and is guaranteed with more than 100,000 life cycles, which equips us with very good competitiveness in both high quality as well as lower cost.   3. Strong team of management: we have a management team with more than 12 years of experiences in this industry.   4. No-complaint-endured quality control system: we have a complete quality control system, which can gurantee no bad quality to be produced and delivered to customer.   5. Family like enterprise culture: all employees are treated like family member and all feel happy and work actively in this big family Beewill.    
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