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Cheng Chang Hsing Industrail Co. Ltd
No.37, Lane 612 Hetou Rd., Toucian Village , Hemei Township


Caiyi water transfers printing film / hydrographic printing be printed in such irregular 3D surfaces as the plastics, wooden, metal, glass, pottery,…etc. to decorate in a large amount, technology and application are common and ripeness, weatherable, colorful and artistically appearance, innocuity, no pollution, environment-friendly, could be incinerated, and could be recycle after decomposition. Caiyi’s films like camouflage , carbon fiber , stone, Geometric , wooden , metal brush ,go with elastically, stability and same thickness, so very difficultly to crack, high yield rate and best efficiency which is your best choice.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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