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A&S Conveyor Belts CO.,LTD.
2nd Floor,Xinhang Linghe building,Xingsheng Road,Gaoxing District


Dornor Conveyors 1100 Series Mid Drive Conveyors SpecificationsLoads up to 15 lbs (6.8 kg)Belt Speeds up to 70 fpm (21 m/min)Belt Widths: 1.75" (44 mm), 3.75" (95mm), 6" (152mm), 8" (203mm), & 10" (254mm)Conveyor Lengths: 11" (283mm) to 72"(1829mm) in 1/8" (3mm) Increments1.25" (32mm) Diameter Center Drive Pulley0.625" (16mm) Diameter idler pulleys0.31" (8mm) Diameter nose bar option on one or both ends(3) FDA Approved Belt Options: Low, Medium, & High FrictionM5 drop in T-Nuts availableFeaturesPinch Drive Design - (patent pending)Increases carrying capacity without need for high belt tensionLow belt tension allows for use of miniature rollers for optimal handling of small partsLow belt tension virtually eliminates belt stretch Belt is tracked with conveyor frame design and pinch drive Four fasteners allows removal of 1/2 of pinch drive making belt changes fast and easyPinch drive is reversible providing maximum flexibility in applicationsLow Profile Height - Compact miniature design frees up valuable machine or worker spaceSmall Roller Diameter - Optimal size for the handling of small parts and transfer of small partsClean Room Certified - Class 100 certified for use in medical and pharmaceutical clean room applicationsT-Slot - Drop in T-Bar for ease and flexibility in mounting automation components or accessoriesAt the same time, we still can offer the following items;Dornor Conveyors 1100 Series End Drive Conveyors
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