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1. Name: Schisandra chinensis Extract Powder 2. Latin Name: Schisandra Chinesnsis Baill 3. Effectiveness: Improve immunity, protect liver   4. Botanical source: Schisandra chinensis 5. Used Part: Fruits 6. Specifications: 1%-9%, test by HPLC 7. Appearance: brown powder  8. CAS No: 7432-28-2 9. Molecular Formula: C24H32O7 10. Molecular Mass: 432.51 11.Molecular Structure: 12. Indications and Uses: Modern Chinese research suggests that lignans in schisandra regenerate liver tissue damaged by harmful influences such as viral hepatitis and alcohol. Laboratory work suggests that schisandra may improve work performance, build strength, and help to reduce fatigue Schisandra fruit may also have an adaptogenic action, much like the herb ginseng, but with weaker effects. Laboratory work suggests that schisandra may improve work performance, build strength, and help to reduce fatigue. 13. Product Packing: 25kg/drum with inner double- plastic bags(0.065m³)  14. Shelf life: 24 months  
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