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Hangzhou JianDa Sign Manufacturing Co., Ltd
No. 174-1, Pufu, Pengbu Town, Jianggan District


1) Super thin(8mm), flexible size 2) Energy saving,long lifespan 3) LED brightness light source 4) Acrylics of high quality The crystal ultra slim light box and aluminum ultra slim light box is our most prestigious light box and is so thin it can actually be called an illuminated poster frame. It has a grip tight front loading clip frame like a poster frame, enabling quick and easy change of graphics. To enable the light box to be so slimline we use the latest technology in lighting, pencil thin LED bar, and side illuminate the Elit acrylic back sheet. We have calculated the formula for light diffusion to give a fantastically even distribution of light. The overall depth of the light box is just 9mm (1/3"). This light box is available in standard sizes A4, A3, A2, A1 and we still accept especial size OEM products. 1) Model: JD-C-A1, JD-C-B1, JD-C-A2, JD-C-B2, JD-C-A3, JD-C-A4, JD-C-B4 2) Using power: CCFL 3) You also can choose golden, white, silver and black to paint on the frame 4) You can choose AC100V~240V 50 - 60Hz and other power source 5) We also can produce customized design and size 6) Available for hotels and bars, malls, chain-stores, banks, photography, decorations and exhibitions We are China Ultra Slim Light Box manufacturer offer best Ultra Slim Light Box OEM, ODM,service.
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