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Информация о производителе
Pepparv. 3. 3 Tr, Farsta , Stockholm, Sweden


Multi purpose rickshaw entirely manufactured of aluminum in Sweden.The roof can easy folded togeather or taked of. Weight 70 KG with heavy duty wheels. L:215 cm. W:100 cm. H:200 cm.Buy and drive!Forget spare parts, repair or service. Absolutely maintenance free for life! Fast and easy connection to a common, electrical or geared bicycle. Or moped. Comfortable seat(90 cm wide) for 2 adults. Place for luggage(38 cm high.60 cm wide.70 cm deep. ) under the seat. Max load 350 KG.Extra accessories:Change the body to an aluminium cylinder, (150 cm high.90 cm diameter) with 4 shelfs inside,For commercial advertising. Or change the body to children seat. Place for 8 children under 6 year.Place for wheelchair whith passenger when use it as carrier of heavy load.The different bodys can be easy changed without any tools in 1 minute.Delivers in one color of your choose.
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