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Jinan Chunxiao Paper Co., Ltd.
219 No. 37 Shanda North Road, Jinan, Shandong, China (Mainland)


We can offer Computer Printing PaperProduct name: Printing PaperSize: 241mm; 381mm etc.Packing: 1000pcs / box; , 2000 / box.Place of Origin: Shandong OF ChinaIf you have need, pls contact us as soon as.
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336x280 banner
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Сэндвич бумаги
 Sandwich Paper (Сэндвич бумаги)
We can supply 18gsm (25x35cm) wiping paper and 21 / 22gsm (25x35cm) sandwich paper toward middle east market, if you are interested in it, please contact us.
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Cash Packing Paper (Наличный упаковочная бумага)
We may supply the Paper used to pack the cash, The paper is an especial board paper. It is used for a machine (in Banks) which divides the paper money (greenback-banding money) . Its one side is adhes
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Notebooks And Exercise Books (Ноутбуки и тетради)
We can supply a kind of the notebooks and exercise books. The noteboks and exercise books have been used to study by a pupil and student. Pls contact us.
A4 70 / 80 GSM Копировать бумаги
 A4 70 / 80 Gsm Copy Paper (A4 70 / 80 GSM Копировать бумаги)
Our company is located in Shandong pronvice China, dealing copy paper (70gr, 75gr, and 80gr; a4. A3 and letter; brightness 98% and 96% ) , printing paper writing paper etc. if you are interested in it

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