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Globe Faith International Ltd.
5-10b, Yangriwanpan, Houhaibin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518054, China, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


1. Commodity: Ferro molybdenum2. Spec.:Mo:60% min or 65% min c:0.1% max SI:2.0% max p:0.06% max S:0.10% max cu:0.50% max3. Size:10-50mm,90% min4. Packing: In 1mt bag or in 100kg/250kg steel drum5. Quantity:200-300mt per month6. Shipment: Within 20-25days after contract signed and L/c received.7. Payment terms: By irrevocable L/c at sight8. Price: NegotiableWe are also in a position to supply few, feti, fev, lc fecr, moo3, fesi, casi, fep and other various kinds of ferroalloy products. Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you are interested in any of the above mentioned items.
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 Ferrosilicon (Ферросилиций)
SI:75% min c:0.2% max AL:2.0% max p:0.04% max S:0.02% maxSize:10-50mm or 50-100mm,90% minRemarks: Other specifications is also negotiable.Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you have any inqu
 FeW (FeW)
W:75% min cu:0.2% max SI:0.8% max as:0.1% max c:0.2% max sb:0.05% max p:0.06% max S:0.08% max sn:0.08% max mn:0.5% maxSize:10-50mm,90% minQuantity:100-120mt per monthWe are also in a position to suppl
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 Low Carbon Ferro Chrome (Low Carbon Ferro Chrome)
1. Commodity: Low carbon ferro chrome2. Spec.:Cr:60% min c:0.1% max SI:1.0% max p:0.04% max S:0.03% max3. Size:10-50mm,90% min4. Packing: In 1mt plastic woven bag net each5. Quantity:250-300mt per mon
 FeCrN (FeCrN)
1. Spec.:N:3% or 5% or 9% min according to your requirementCr:60% min C:0.10% max SI:1.50% maxP:0.04% max S:0.03% max2. Size:10-50mm,90% min3. Packing: In 100Kgs iron drum or 250Kgs iron drum4. Capaci
 FeP (FEP)
1. SpecificationP:20-28%, SI:2.0% Max. V:1.0% Max, Cu:1.0% Max. Fe: Balance2. Size:10-50 mm,90% min3. Packing: In 1000kgs Big bags4. Capacity:1000-1500MT per monthWe also in a good position to supply

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