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Anhui Huaxin Minmetals Co., Ltd
20, South Yi'an Road. Tongling City,244000, China, Tongling, Anhui, China (Mainland)


Specification: S:35%-48%;fe:42% ;pb+zn:0.1%;as:0.1% ;moisture:0.5%;particle size: Lump size:5mm-300mm;45micron to 37 micron ;is used in chemical sulphate-making;price is competitive and quality is superior, welcome you to send your inquiry
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Колчеданной руды
Spec:(S:35%~52%; Fe:>42%; As:
 Bentonite (Бентонит)
SiO2 60-70%Al2O3-13-23%Fe2O3-0. 8-6%MgO-1. 4-4. 4%CaO-0. 6-3. 5%Na2O-0. 04-2. 6%K2O-0. 15-2. 3%LG. Los-3. 6-9%Size: 200-325meshPacking: 1M. Ton Jumbo bag16MT loaded into 1x20 FT containerQuanity: 2000
Сера Ferro
 Ferro Sulphur (Сера Ferro)
S 45-50%Fe 43%SiO2 0. 3%As + Pb 0. 1%Moisture 1%Lump size: 10-50mm 90%20-60mm 90%Also per customers optionPowder micro mesh 60 mesh80-120mesh325meshAslo processing as per requriementPacking: 25KG / 50
Сера Ferro / Железный Пирит / Фес
 Ferro Sulphur / Iron Pyrite / Fes (Сера Ferro / Железный Пирит / Фес)
S content 47% minFe 42%SiO2 0. 3% maxAs + Pb 0. 1%Zn 0. 1%Size: 10-60mm20-80mm30-120mm200mesh325mesh0. 8-10mmQuanity: 800-1000MT MonthlyPacking at buyers option20 mt loaded into 1x20 FT ContainerWelco
Фес / Железный Пирит
 Fes / Iron Pyrite (Фес / Железный Пирит)
HS code: 25020000S content 42-50%SiO2 3% maxFe 42%Lumpish size 10-50mm20-60mm30-120mmPowder 60 mesh150 mesh200mesh325mesh0. 8-10mmPacking 25kg / 50kg / 1000kg jumbo bag20 M ton be loaded into 1x20 FT
Фес железного колчедана
 Fes Iron Pyrite (Фес железного колчедана)
FES S content 47% min; Fe content 46% min, SiO2 content 3% max; As content 0. 1% max Pb; 0. 1% . Size: 10-50mm 30-60mm; 20-80mm; 325mesh 200mesh 150mesh 0-1. 5mm 0. 04-2mm. Quality is good and price r
Фес-железного колчедана
 Fes-Iron Pyrite (Фес-железного колчедана)
FeS-iron pyrite: S: 47-51% min; Fe: 42-48% min; size: 10-50mm: 90% ; 30-60mm% & 20-100mm, -325mesh (45um) ; Usage: Sulphur-Acid; Special steel-making; Glass; Jewelry-making; the price is reasonable an

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