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Bofa Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd
1177 Lingshi Rd., Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Mainland)


Brief introductionThis king of test bench can be divided into two kinds. One is based on traditional test bench and combination of electromagnetic valve, photoelectric sensor, computer controller and printer. Relying on such a device and after the setting of calibrating program the whole calibrating can be done automatically until getting printed test results, with which the intensity of work can be greatly relieved. The other kind of device (e. G. 80-300mm) has equipped with, besides those in the first kind of devices, an electromagnetic flow meter and a waveguide-type level sensor imported from USA. Thus, it not only has the above mentioned functions but also can indicate transient flow, accumulated flow, height of water level, volume, error as well as printing function. The comprehensive precision of the test is more than 0. 1% . This device can test not only the water meters, but also the performance of water flow meters.
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