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Bengkala Jeringen. Co
Jl. Muara Karang Raya, Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia


RS-232C data interface, Automatic Compensation for Vertical Angle, Double LCD Display, Automatic shut-off, Best selling and largest theodolite market share, worldwide, Laser plummet included, Two year warranty.Wavelength of laser diode:635nmTelescope for optical plummet:3XField of view for optical plummet:5 degree
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The theodolite100 series are the new generation of theodolites made for ease of use. Setting up the instrument is easier and faster with the laser plummet. The optimal laser spot may be obtained by ad
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The ET series Theodolites have Smart appearance, reasonable structure, practical functions. They are easy to use, and with excellent performance and reliable quality.

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