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Anta Tools Co. . Ltd


Air valve with plugAir regulator with plug
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Воздействие Screw Driver
AS-306A1.Ability 6m/m2. There is no load to go back to revolution 8500 r.p.m3. Total length 250mm4. Weight 1,300g5. Necessary air pressure 6kg/cm26. Consumption of air 0.25m3/min
Thread Connector
Thread connector M1/4"xF1/4"Thread connector M1/4"xF3/8"Thread connector M1/4"xF1/2"Thread connector M3/8"xF1/4"Thread connector M3/8"xF3/8"Thread con
Шины Chuck
Tire chuck with clip with hosetail 6mm,9mm,11mm for inflating.
Клей Gun
Aluminum gun body,Well designedStandard threadColor box packing
Air Brush Kit
Specifications:Spray pattern adjusts froml / 4" tol-1 / 2"For maximum versatility.Includes fine hend airbrush, 5ft. VinylHose, 2 oz. Jar, with cover, attached3 / 4Oz. Jar, propel regulatoran
Европа тип One Touch быстрого Coupler
Europe type one touch quick couplerSteel material nickle platedHosetail can be 6mm, 8mm or 10mm
Шины инфлятор
Aluminum body tire inflatorSpecifications:Air inlet: 1 / 4"Max working pressure: 8 barTire gauge range: 0-10 barLength of the rubber hose: 350mmBlister card packing
Air Duster
 Air Duster (Air Duster)
PP air duster with 100mm extension nozzle.PP air duster with 300mm extension nozzle.
Воздушный регулятор с манометром
 Air Regulator With Gauge (Воздушный регулятор с манометром)
Air regulator with gauge for spray guns and pneumatic tools

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Tape Measure, Measuring Tape
3X Gear Driven Tape, TYPE XT
3X Gear Dr...
NENO AT9401, Optical Electric Laser Level, Japanese laser Diode(SANYO)
Laser Straight with level
Digital Humidity Controller
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