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Anping Qinghe Metal Mesh Co., Ltd.
Xianqian Village, Nanhuan Road, Anping, Hengshui, Hebei, China (Mainland) Zip: 053600


Material: Galvanized Sheet, Plain Steel Sheet, Aluminum Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet, Nickel Sheet, PVC coat Expanded Metal.Product feature: Expanded metal has features of strong, beautiful appearance, and good ventilation etc. Colors can be applied on expanded metal.Product specification: LWM: 4.5MM-100MM SWM: 2.5MM-50MM Strand Thickness: up to 8.0MM Strand Width: 0.5MM-8.0MM Width: 0.9M-2.4M Length: 15M-30MApplication: Expanded metal is widely in industrial, building, household railway, highway, construction, grain, mechanical maintenance, and musical facilities.
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Material: Electro Gal. Iron Wire, Hot Dip Gal. Iron Wire, PVC coat Iron WireProduct feature: it can be installed to achieve the result of frightening and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders
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Material: Low Carbon Steel WireWeaving Type: Plain Weave, Dutch WeaveProduct feature: Black Wire Cloth is also named Black Wire Mesh, it has the features of fine acid-proof, Fine acid-proof, soda-resi
Copper Wire Mesh
Anping Qinghe Metal Mesh Co Ltd(China), manufacturer of all kinds of metal mesh since 1980, we produce Copper Wire Mesh; From 6mesh/0.71mm to 100mesh/0.102mmMaterial: Copper WireFeatures: Copper Wire
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Material: Galvanized Iron Wire, Black Iron Wire, PVC Coated Iron Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Gabions and gabion mattresses.Weaving Types: Straight Twisted, Reversed TwistedProduct feature: It has well
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Material: AL./AL. Alloy Insect Netting (powder coat); Gal. Iron Wire Insect Netting (powder coat); Stainless Steel Insect Netting; Fiber glass insect nettingProduct feature: Clean and tidy surface, Lo
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Product Description: Mesh Material: Weaving Mesh; Expanded Metal; Perforated MetalProduct Features: totally Custom Design and ready to use or install.Applications: widely used in a lot of industries.
Mesh Панели / B.B.Q. Гриль
Keyword: fabricated wire mesh, mesh panels, B.B.Q. grillProduct Description: Mesh Material: Welding Mesh; Weaving Mesh (Crimped Wire)Product Features: Totally Custom Design and ready to use or install

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