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Бытовая электроника и электротехническая продукция /  Кухонная техника /  Посудомоечные машины / 
Информация о производителе
Solomon Co. , Ltd.
Rm211, 3ma, Shi-Hwa Industrial Complex, Jung Wang Dong, Siheung City, Gyeonggido, R. O. Korea, Siheung City, Gyeonggi-Do, South


The Reason Of Using SolomonA. Points of Dish washer Choice1. Energy (Electric power, Water Saving)2. The Cost Saving3. Space Saving and effective Use4. Sanitation.5. Safety,6. Image Up-Grade.B. Why we should use Solomon Dish washer1. You can reduce your working time through one process From Washing to dryness.2. Solve Heavy dish washing at Lunch time and When you are short of Hands at night time or unexpected time.3. It can show the capacity of 3Peoples Dish washing,So it enables you to reduce at one third level of Labor Cost.4. No-Breakage of All dishes, Tableware.Detergent Price, Water, Gas Price Saving.5. Sterilization and Dry Function Makes your Tableware Become more Glossy and Clean.6. Zero Percentage of detergent.7. Quality and Durability.
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