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Al-Syed Herbals & Bio Chemics
Head Office, Miracle Plaza, I-9 Markaz, Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan


Miracle Herbal ShampooThis Shampoo is combination of precious herbals, fruits and flowers extract, which shows the following effects on your hair by observing in damage and broken surface of your hair & scalp. .1) . It removes the scalp infection like dandruff.2) . Makes the hair strong and strengthen.3) . It develops new shine and luster in the dull hair.4) . It stops the falling hair even safe for the dye hair.5) . It turns the color black of color losing hair.6) . If you want to keep your hair brown or some other color instead of black, than we shall not recommend this shampoo for you.7) . It is safe to use for all members of family.8) . Continues use of Black Shampoo turnsUr hair looking 10 years youngerDirection for Use:Take an adequate amount accordingTo your hair. Use this at wet hair & scalp.Rub hair with finder tips softly. Wash hairAnd scalp with open water.Note: For best results use Miracle Herbal Hair TonicOf Al-Syed Herbals & Bio-Chemic Pakistan half an hour before using Black ShampooPrice are in US $30 ml US $1100 ml US $2. 5200 ml US $3. 5Minimum order quantity 100 pcs eachFrate & Handling Charges are excludedDate of Mfg. Jan 2007Use in Best State Before Dec. 2010Use within 6 months after opening seal.
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