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1 Rue Michelet, Suresnes, France


If you do not like your hair because they are rebells, and you dream about long and smooth hair.You have to use the spray ALEXIS COSMETIC, you have to spray and let it act ...Very easy , and very smart product...
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Промыть волосы
 Rinse Hair (Промыть волосы)
It is an incredible hair mask, no need to rinse your hair after use. It is very easy, you spray the alexis cosmetic so 3 d, on your hair and they are immediately bouncied!
Dermalift маска
 Dermalift Facial Mask (Dermalift маска)
It is the "rolls royce" of the cosmetic, our product are top quality. We are french and very famous. All our quality is dermatoligically tested in France.
Dermlaift Tonify маска
 Dermlaift Tonify Facial Mask (Dermlaift Tonify маска)
Alexis Coismetic it is a high quality product, the box is composed of 4 facial paper mask. We are a french company and our quality is very good. Our products are dermatologically tested in France.
Ластик против морщин Коллаген
 Eraser Anti Wrinkle Collagen (Ластик против морщин Коллаген)
You want to erase all your wrinckles ? Very easy you applicate the tube on the wrinckles, and WOOOOUUUFFFF !!!! The wrinckles disapear ! The cream is concentrated with 5% of collagen.
 Facial Mask (Маска)
It is a high quality product, it is a box composed of 4 facial paper mask. The paper mask are specially made to moituraze the face with a high quality solution. All our production are dermatolically t
Днем Gloss Alexis Cosmetic
 Happy Gloss Alexis Cosmetic (Днем Gloss Alexis Cosmetic)
It is a lovely PVC bag , it contains 5 X 10 ml freshy glosses.The colors are very deep , and fashion.
Нет Промыть маска для волос Alexis Cosmetic
 No Rinse Hair Mask Alexis Cosmetic (Нет Промыть маска для волос Alexis Cosmetic)
It is a revolutionnary product, no need to wait and to rinse your hair ! It is a product very easy to use and the effect are immediate.The no rinse hair mask SO RICH, will repair your hair in one or t

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