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Abn Packaging International
Suite# 235, Sunny Plaza, Hasrat Mohani Road, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
+92-21-2276623 +2635910


We offer to import All inds of Hologram Stickers (Security Labels) for your product brand safety.We offer you in many sizes, colors & designs as per your demand in very competitive prices.2D Stickers 3D Stickers 2D/3D Stickers For further information, please contact us by email.
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3D голографическая наклейка
 3D Hologram Sticker (3D голографическая наклейка)
We are offering range of 3D Hologram Sticker in different sizes and design as per your requirement.Our Hologram Sticker mainly use in Pharma, Cosmetic, & Other Industries.
Голограмма горячего тиснения фольгой
 Hologram Hot Stamping Foil (Голограмма горячего тиснения фольгой)
We offer hologram hot stamping foil as per your required design in very reasonable prices.Our hologram is best in quality and very easy to stamp by heat on anywhere else.You enquiry in this regard wil
Упаковочные материалы & M hineries
 Packaging Materials & Machineries (Упаковочные материалы & M hineries)
We deals in All kinds of Flexible Packaging Materials, Plastic Packaging Film, Industrial Packaging Materials, Pharmaceutical Packing Materials, & other Packaging Materials. We also engaged in Pharmac
Гибкие упаковочные материалы (ламинированная Печатный / без печати)
WE deals in all kinds of Flexible Packaging Materials, Printed Triplex Foil, & Premade Pouches from Dubai. We also deals in full range of Aluminium Foil for Pharmaceutical, Food, Confactionary & Cosme
Жидкие Саше Машина для упаковки
We offer sachet packing machine for liquid product.Our machine can give output capacity from 20sachet/min upto 80. Machine is very small and easy to operate. It is very simple machine and reasonable i
Lollipop производственная линия
We offering complete Hard / Soft Lollipop Production Line from china.This production Line Consisted with;*lollipop production line*1. Boiler with mixer 3 sets2. Vacuum film cooker for concentrating th
Полиэстер ПЭТ
Polyester Pet Film for (Binding Tape) Cables Wrapping:Prices: 250rupees/Kg as per your cut to size.
Машина для упаковки риса с Weiging Диапазон
We offer vertical form fill seal machine to pack different products like candy, toffee, sugar, rice, potato chips, puffy material, biscuits, cookies, snacks, etc....Our machine can pack from 10grams u

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 Shaped Brads, Eyelets, and Tags for Scrapbooking
 Self Adhesive PVC Sheet
 Color Card
 Labels and Tags
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