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Psje Jose Galvez 120 Lima 18 Peru, Lima, Lima, Peru


We offer Frozen IQF Scallops 1 / 2 shell, in individual packing. 12 units per plastic bags, 144 units per master Box. Available a container each 45 / 60 days. Posibility to mix with other frozen seafood products,
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Frozen Sea Спаржа
 Frozen Sea Asparagus (Frozen Sea Спаржа)
We offer Frozen Sea Asparagus like raw material, meat, membrane and stomach specially to canned process, for Asia Market. 20 M. T. Is available each 45 / 60 days. Product from Peru, South America.
 Sea Cucumber (Трепанга)
We offer black Sea Cucumber, clean without stomach, heat or down cut; dried or frozen; like client need. More than 20 M. T. Per month is available, depending process method. Product process by us, vis
Консервы блюдец
 Canned Limpets (Консервы блюдец)
We offer a regular shippments of Canned Limpets from Peru / South America to Asia market, on 1 Lb tins with 200gr / 180gr / 160gr / 140gr or 120gr of drained weight, Box per 24 tins.One 20 FCL contain

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