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Akhlaq Enterprises(Pvt) Ltd.
F-2 Karachi Fish Harbour, Karachi, Pakistan, Sindh, Pakistan


Please review the following frozen shrimp/prawn products that we will be processing during september 2006 from white/pink-brown/tiger prawns, for which we are accepting orders now.White: Penaeus indicusTiger: Penaeus monodonPink: Metapenaeus dobsoni/affinisBrown: Metapenaeus monocerosKarikadi: Parapenaeopsis stylifera1. Head on shell on- sizes u-6, u-10,10-20,20-30,30-40,40-50,50-60/or 20-40,40-60 pcs per kgPacking:0.9,1.2,1.4,1.8 kg net wt blocks x 102. Head less shell on- sizes u-8,8-12,11-16,16-20,21-25,26-30,31-35,36-40,41-50,51-60,61-70,71-90,90-110,110-130,130-150,150-200,200-300 pcs per lbsPacking:1.8,2.0 kg net wt blocks x 103. Peeled un-deveined- sizes 10-20,20-40,40-60,60-80,80-120,100-200,200-300,300-500,400-600,500-800, broken pcs per lbsPacking:2.0 kg net wt blocks x 104. Peeled deveined- sizes 16-20,21-25,26-30,31-35,36-40,41-50,51-60Packing:2.0 kg net wt blocks x 10If you hold interest in purchasing the products, please reply with the product you regularly import and include the port of destination in order for us to quote you our best possible prices.Please feel free to contact me for more information as and when required.
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Замороженные морепродукты продукты
 Frozen Seafood Products (Замороженные морепродукты продукты)
We are factory owners and regularly process the following items and sizes:1. Whole Round Loligo Squid "A" Grade U3, 3/6, 6/10, 10/20, 20/40, 40/60, 60/902. Whole Clean Squid "A" Gr
Индийская Замороженная Макрель
 Indian Mackerel Frozen (Индийская Замороженная Макрель)
Sizes: u-5, 4 / 6, 5 / 7, 6 / 8, 8 / 10, 10 / 12, 12 / 14Frozen: IQFPacking: 10 kg bulk packQuantity: 40 fcl 28, 000 kg per fclTerms: L / c, dp, ttCatching area: Indian ocean fao 51Origin: Pakistan
Очищенные Cut Де-жильного Креветки
 Peeled Cut De-veined Shrimps (Очищенные Cut Де-жильного Креветки)
Offering PCD shrimps:Sizes:16/20 to 100/200 pcs per lbsPacking:10 x 2 kg blocksBrand: Alsamak seafoodPayment terms: L/cEu approved establishmentShipment: Within 5 days of receipt of l/c.Catching area:
Очищенные креветки
 Peeled Shrimps (Очищенные креветки)
Offering pud in 2 kg block of white, pink, and brown shrimps.1. L sizes - 10/20,20/40,40/60,60/80,80/120 pcs per lbs2. S sizes - 100/200,200/300,300/500,500/800, brokenPacking:10 x 2 kg blocksBrand: A
Сырье и Пуд замороженные креветки
 Raw Frozen Pud Shrimps (Сырье и Пуд замороженные креветки)
Available offers ofSize 100 / 200, 200 / 300, 300 / 500.Please contact with your destination port for more information and prices
Замороженные Paratha
Plain frozen paratha:Ingredients: wheat flour, margarine, condensed milk, eggs, sugar, salt, waterPacking: 5-parathas x 80g (400g) per pack & 24 packs in one cartonQuantity: 40`fcl about 2500 cartonsS
Гигант Морской кот Филе рыбы & Круглый
1. As whole:Presentation: Whole Round Gutted - IQF frozenSpecie: Arius thallassinusSize:3000 to 6000grams per piece.Packing:100% ntwt weight marked hemp bagsQuantity:28 tons 1 x 40` FCL2. As filletsSi
Кальмара Squid Круглый
Please note we can offer the following presentations of Loligo Squid1. Squid Whole U / 3, 3 / 6, 6 / 10, 10 / 20, 20 / 40 pcs per KG AA Grade2. Squid Whole U / 3, 3 / 6, 6 / 10, 10 / 20, 20 / 40 pcs p

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