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Atron Electrical Electronics Enterprise
10 Jalan Besar, #12-08, Singapore


Dear instrumental or control users,Rudolf digital analyse able to optimizes the operation of your electrical network by- reducing operating costs- cutting down production losses- optimizing maintenance costs- improving the performance of the installationBasic features included:Measure all electrical value of your functionability of your network.The ability to monitor electrical network through using alarms for feeder load levels or loss of phase, voltage surges, voltage dips and outage.Similary, it has the feature to analyze the energy quality by breaking down the harmonics by phases to prevent cable over-heating, transformer overload or equipment ageing.The meter reading shown the energy level which are able to read by buildings or production processes so that you can spread and optimize energy costs. As well as able to this analyzer able to control the opening or closing of feeder control gear, such as lighting, motor, production line, heating, air-conditioning.It has the centralize capability for all data using digital (rs485 jbus / modbus or profitbus DB) or analogue communication.Any enquiry are welcome.
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336x280 banner
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