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Bldg. B, 18, Lane 133, Tien Wei Rd., Tung Yuan Li, Shu Lin City, Taipei Hsien


Enlarged rounding radius for improved rounding quality ()Widened base for steady effectiveness ()Openings on both sides to ease daily cleaning and maintenance ()Divided into 30 & 36 pieces each in weights of 30~100g/piece () () () () ()
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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CM-36F Ретардер расстойки
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stenless steel body
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1.Separated heatinng&moisture system 2.Inside&outside with stainless
CM-520B Sh ter
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Suitable for Croissant bread and various dough rolling back and forth
CM-535 Rolling M hine
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CM-750 Moulder машины
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Полностью CM-A30A/A36B-Авто Бун Тесто Divider & Rounder
CM-A30A/A36B Fully-Auto Bun Dough Divider & Rounder (Полностью CM-A30A/A36B-Авто Бун Тесто Divider & Rounder)
Enlarged rounding radius for better rounding quality ()Widen base for steadily running ()Material of rounding tray meets static electricity hygiene treatment standard ()Capacity: 30pcs (30-100g) per
CM-ECD306Electric духовки
CM-ECD306Electric Oven (CM-ECD306Electric духовки)
Digital thermal control with large view window
Продовольственная Prouction линия
Food Prouction Line (Продовольственная Prouction линия)
1.Toast Line 2.Biscuit Line 3.Breadcrumbs Line 4.Rusk Line 5.Wheat Bread/Steamed Bread/Stuffed Bun Line 6.Cake Line 7.Apple Bread Line

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Spiral Mixer
CM-A30A/A36B Fully-Auto Bun Dough Divider & Rounder
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Water Purification System NEC-4001.8
Automatic Ozone Sterilizing Faucet
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