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Dalian Thrive Metallurgy Import & Export Co., Ltd
No. 228gao'erji Rd, Xigang District, Dalian, Liaoning, China, Dalian, Liaoning, China (Mainland)


Small Diameter Graphite RodLike graphite electrode, small diameter graphite rod is extruded, baked, impregnated and graphitized under precise technical control. It has been widely used in various industrial areas.1 Graphite Rod of High Density and High StrengthApplications: Electrodes, anodes, cathodes, heating elements, resistors, molds, crucibles, special structural parts, etc. In metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical & electrochemical industry, energy management, glass & ceramics, transportation and other industries.Programmable properties:Medium and / or fine grain.High density and high mechanical strength.High thermal and chemical resistance.High resistance to thermal shock.Proper electrical conductivity.Minimum wettability.Table 1-1 Typical Sizes of Small Diameter Graphite Rods*Diameter (mm) 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 75, 100, 120, 150Length (mm) 550-2200* Other diameters and lengths are available on request.Table 1-2 Specifications of Small Diameter Graphite RodsBulk Density (g / cc) 1. 65-1. 80Specific Resistance* (micro ohm. M) 5. 0-15. 0Compressive Strength* (MPa) 20-55Bending Strength* (MPa) 10-30Elastic Modulus* (GPa) 9-21Ash (% ) 0. 05-0. 5* Measured in longitudinal direction.**The values mentioned in this table are only for reference and not committed to any contract.2 Graphite Rod of Spectral PurityApplications: Electrodes and / or crucibles for spectrographic analysis of elements in mineral metals and solutions.Programmable properties:High purity (spectral purity) .Fine grain.High mechanical strength.Good electrical conductivity.Table 2-1 Typical Sizes of Graphite Rod of Spectral PurityDiameter (mm) 6, 8, 10, 12, 15Length (mm) 300Table 2-2 Specifications of Graphite Rod of Spectral PurityBulk Density (g / cc) >= 1. 70Specific Resistance (micro ohm. M)Compressive Strength (MPa) >= 34Ash (PPM)Note: The values mentioned in this table are only for reference and not committed to any contract.Model No: Dia. 6 to 150mmOrigin: China
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Ti Spongy
Ti spongyGrade no. Mht-100, MHT-110, MHT-125, MHT-140, MHT-160, MHT200Size: 1) 0. 83-25. 4mm2) 0. 83-12. 7mmPacking: 100kg, 200, 250kg each iron barrelFor more details, pls contact us.
Casi порошковой проволокой / Кафе порошковой проволокой / S порошковой проволоки
 Casi Cored Wire / Cafe Cored Wire / S Cored Wire (Casi порошковой проволокой / Кафе порошковой проволокой / S порошковой проволоки)
We are in the position to supply casi cored wire, cafe cored wire, s cored wire c cored wire and etc.Cored wire1. Main wire diameter: Dia. 9mm, 13mm, 16mm.2. Quality of cored wire: Fastening wrap, wit
Катода / Анодный Графит
 Cathode / Anode Graphite (Катода / Анодный Графит)
This graphite plate (cathode plated / anode plate) is widely used in chemical plants which used to electrolysis process for production of electrolytic manganese dioxide or other silimar products.The l
Высокий углерод FeCr
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Cr>54%CSiPSSize: 10-100mm or 10-200mm 90% min or others
Большой размер графитовый блок
 Large Size Graphite Block (Большой размер графитовый блок)
It is usually vibration-molded, carbonized or graphitized under precise technical control, and machined to specific shapes for various purposes.Applications: Casting molds for railroad wheels; heat ex
Мужчины и женщины Электрод
 Male-Female Electrode (Мужчины и женщины Электрод)
We are good at Male-Female electrode.Which is mainly used in refractory works and foundry.Dia. 7`` to 12``Grade RP to HPIf some inquiry, welcome to contact us at any time.
Металл Пена
 Metal Foam (Металл Пена)
We are in the position to supply metal foams as below:1) cu foam,2) cu / ni foam,3) active carbon foam,4) metal foam for voc, dpf5) 70mm (super thickness) cu foam,6) foam metal for tail gas,7) silver
Пористых металлических фильтров
 Porous Metal Filters (Пористых металлических фильтров)
We are in the position to supply metal foams as below:1) nickel foam2) copper foam3) cu / ni foam4) fecral foam (dpf system)Application areas: shock absorbing material for car, sound absorbing materia
Отливки и фитингов
We learn from the internet that your company mainly deal in castings. We take the liberty to introduce ourselves. We are an trade company and mainly engage in exporting all kinds of castings and pipe

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