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Klapan Ltd
Slivnitsa Str. 143, Varna, Bulgaria, Bulgaria


Stop ValvesMAW(Magdeburger Armaturen Werke)-Germany- DN =80 mm ; PN = 400 atm(40 MPa)T=550 C ; 700 US$ - CIP Bulgaria ; 40 pieces- DN =100 mm ; PN =400 atm(40 MPa)T=550 C ; 900 US$ - CIP Bulgaria ; 40 piecesHand drivingMAW( MAGDEBURGER ARMATUREN WERKE )
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Калужский турбогенератора 4 МВт
 Kaluga Turbo Generator 4 Mw (Калужский турбогенератора 4 МВт)
- installed, tested and conserved by authorized company( it hasn`t been used since then )1. Steam turbine p 4-35/15 M- back-pressure type;- made in russia(kaluga steam turbine plant);- serial no:6413;
Земля у Для Черноморского побережья Болгарии
 Land Near To Black Sea Coast Bulgaria (Земля у Для Черноморского побережья Болгарии)
The plots are located near to village of osenovo and the total area is 8 807 sq. M.The plot abuts upon a cart-road that leads to the main road varna - albena - balchik and to osenovo.There is a great
Паровая турбина генератора 12 МВт б /
 Steam Turbine Generator 12 Mw Used (Паровая турбина генератора 12 МВт б /)
6 mw usedPrice 110 000 euro - FOB port varna, Bulgaria. Negotiations are possible option only after technical inspection in Bulgaria.----------12 mw - tg set(used ; extracting-condensing type ) made b
Мостовые краны грузоподъемностью до 200 т
Model kmc-2 ; lifting capacity= 80/20 tons ; operating range=27,5 M ; total weight=137 889 KG ; hosting speed=12,5 M/min ; cran travelling speed=125 M/min;Price:40 000 us $, FOB port varna, BulgariaMo
Высокие электродвигатели
4a3m-1600/6000 (uhl4)- 1600 kw ; 6000 vSerial number:550Price FOB varna, Bulgaria:15 000 euroYear of manufacture - 1988Unused ; pictures available on our web siteWeght:4380 KGMade in Russia-----------
Труб, трубок, листового железа и т.д.
We sell pipes, tubes, iron sheet, etc. (all surplus). Please look at the attached file or click o n the web link below to see the table:If your company is interested please send me the number of the r
Земельный участок черноморского побережья Болгарии
Plot 2 (from 3 equal by size):The plots are located near to village of osenovo and the total area is 8 807 sq. M.The plot abuts upon a cart-road that leads to the main road varna - albena - balchik an
Запчасти для Паровая турбина К 10 (К 00) & Generator TBB 00
Spare parts for Steam turbine K-210-130 (K-200-130) - 210 MW ; turbine blades and other spares.Spare parts for Generator TBB-200-2 (including new and second hand rotors).Full list of available spare p
Трубы из нержавеющей стали 5 евро / кг
Pipes (tubes)1. 12X18Ni10T - 133 x 6 [mm] - 5500 kg2. 12X18Ni10T - 159 x 6 [mm] - 6000 kg3. 12X18Ni10T - 219 x10 [mm] - 32000 kg4. 12X18Ni10T - 273 x 11 [mm] - 7000 kg5. 12X18Ni10T - 325 x10 [mm] - 10

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