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Информация о производителе
Almax Industry Co., Ltd
Room 202, No. 58 Hellen Rd, Sifang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)


( 1) Material:Grey (gray) iron: JIS FC15, FC20, FC25, FC30, FC35, DIN GG15, GG20, GG25, GG30, GG35, ASTM No. 15, No. 20, No. 25, No. 30, No. 35 / UNS F11401 to F13501, etcOther materials also available according to customer`s request.( 2) Required documents for offer to be provided by customer:A) Drawings with formats of IGS (3D) , DWG or DXF (Auto CAD 2D) , PDF, JPGB) Standard of material (Preferable to provide Element Percentage of C, SI, Mn, P, S, etc and Physical / Mechanical Properties of the material)C) Technical requirementsD) Piece Weight of Rough Casting( 3) Production technology:Green sand casting;Disamatic casting;Furan resin sand casting( 4) Main production equipment:Molding machines (F-1)Core-shooting machines for making shell sand coresCupolasIntermediate frequency electrical induction furnacesEquipment for inspecting chemicals and physical propertiesShot-blast machines.( 5) Piece weigh: 2Kg~6, 000Kg per piece.( 6) Finish Machined / tooled products and other materials also available according to customer`s request (Drawings and standard of products should be provided by customer. )( 7) Packing: In wooden cases( 8) Production capacity: 500 Mt per month( 9) Duration of pattern-making and sample-making: Within 45 working days (Vary subject to the complexity of products) .( 10) Minimum order: 1 x 20` FCL (Full Container Load)( 11) Delivery: Within 45 working days after signing of contract and confirmation of samples by client
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Керамического волокна ткани
Specifications1. Classification Temp.:1260C2. Organic content:15% max.3. Density kg/m3:500Application:Sealing material of curtain and furnace door of high-temp furnaceSoft sealing of furnace pipe in t
Керамического волокна модуль
Specifications:1. Classification Tem. C1260C/1400C2. Shrinkage on heating%1280Cx24h:3 max.3. Theoretical thermal conductivityW/m. K(128kg/m3) mean Tem.200C 0.050-0.060400C 0.095-0.120600C 0.160-0.1954
Алюминиевые композитные панели сотовых
 Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel (Алюминиевые композитные панели сотовых)
Aluminum honeycomb composite panel is made from aluminum honeycomb core and face aluminum panel through pvdf coating and the back aluminum layer adhesive together.Panel thickness: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25
Керамического волокна Одеяло
 Ceramic Fiber Blanket (Керамического волокна Одеяло)
We supply Ceramic Fiber Blanket with the following specifications:1. Classification Temp:1050/1260/1400/1600C2. Density 96/128/200kg/m33. Tensile Strength:0.04MPa min.4. Shot Cotent:15 max.5. Size:720
Керамического волокна совет
 Ceramic Fiber Board (Керамического волокна совет)
Specifications1. Classification Temp:1260C-1600CContinuous Working Temp:1260C;1400C;1450C2. Theoretical thermal ConductivityW/m. K (300KG/M3) (Mean)0.085 (400C)0.132 (800C)0.180 (1000C)3. Density(kg/m

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