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Ningbo Xiangying Appliances Group
No. 28 Dongwu Section, Yinxian Avenue, Ningbo City., Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Product name: Hood type dishwasherModel: xyqx-1200It is made up of computer control system, cleaning system, rinsing system, wash pump, booster heater, and stainless steel frame.Tecknical parameter:1. Dimension: 690 x 825 x 1580 mm2. Net weight: 80kgs3. Heating mode: electricity heating4. Washing capacity: 1200pcs per hour, or 60 baskets / hour5. Total power: 16. 1kw6. Tank heater: 3. 0kw7. Pump motor: 0. 9 kw-1. 1kw8. Booster heater: 12kw9. Voltage: 380v / 50hz / 3phase; 220v / 60hz / 1phase; 110v / 60hz / 1phase10. Water consumption: 180l / hourAssemble requirements:1. The diameter of the electricity wire: 6smm x 3 + 4smm x 22. Diameter of the water feeding pipe: 19mm3. Diameter of the water dumping pipe: 32mm4. Water feeding pressure: 0. 3-5kg / scm5. Water feeding temperature: 10-60centigrade6. Water feeding rigidity: 0. 034-0. 103g / LAdvantages:1. 3kw tank heater-this machine assures a minimum 60 centigrade wash temperature for effective grease removal.2. Unique hood-the steam rises behind the machine when the hood is opened.3. Optimum wash results-through self-draining wash arms.4. Hygienic-the machine meets the strictest hygiene requirements through the automatic control of final rinse temperature and water quantity.5. Ergonomic and efficient-due to the hood opening automatically once the wash program has finished. (eh model)6. Service-friendly-service is normally carried out from the front of the machine.7. Designed for strict hygiene requirements and excellent washing results.8. Ergonomic and efficient large capacity-the model xyqx-1200 design has a washing capacity of 60 baskets per hour.9. Service-friendly all xyqx-1200 models are very easy to service. To make service easier, most of the components are easily accessible and service can normally be carried out from the front of the machine.Standard features:1. Automatic tank fill2. Electric tank heat3. Balanced three-door lift system4. Automatic electric drain valve5. 0. 9kw drip-proof pump motor6. Door safety switches7. Top-mounted, splash-proof control console8. Interchangeable upper and lower spray arms9. Stainless steel of all panels
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