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Информация о производителе
Shenzhen Proolin VOIP Tech. Co., Ltd (Linksz)
Factory Add: Floor 7, No 5 Building, Lihe Industrial Park, Shahe Road, ShenZhen , Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Procuts Name: Wireless Skype USB PhoneProduct Model: USB-W1D1. 2. 4g ISM Band (2400~2483MHz) , Support Skype2. Commercial grade high quality speakerphone with digital echo cancellation3. Large graphic LCD with blue color backlight4. Multi-language caller ID display feature5. Review Skype contacts and call list on handset LCD6. Both base and handset ring for all incoming calls.7. Auto-select RF channel to improve the quality of voice8. Radio range: 10 meters (32ft)9. Standby time: over 100 hours; Talk time: over 10 hours10. Driver and soud card built-in, no driver and sound card required11. Also support X-Lite, X-Pro or eyeBeam, MSN, YAHOO, VoipBuster. . . , Globe7, MynetFone, PeopleFone, Net2phone, Nortel, SJphone etc.More. . . Our website
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Skype телефон (iPhone)
 Skype Phone (iPhone) (Skype телефон (iPhone))
Procuts Name: Skype USB PhoneProduct Model: i Phone1. Support Skype, Complies SIP, H323 protocol2. Fully functional keypad enables you to make/receive skype calls3. LED blinking with power, mute funct
Procuts Name: VoIP GatewayProduct Model: PL-3041. IEEE 802.3 10 Base T2. SIP 2.0, RFC3261, H.323 V4 protocal3. Support G.711A/U, G.723.1, G.729/A/B/AB and GSM610 codec4. Support DHCP, PPPOE DNS TELNET
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 VoIP Gateway (VoIP шлюз)
Procuts Name: VoIP GatewayProduct Model: PL-4011. IEEE 802.3 10 Base T2. SIP RFC3261 RFC3262 RFC32653. Support G.711A/U,G.723.1,G.729 /A/B/AB and GSM610 codec4. Support DHCP,PPPOE DNS TELNET; HTTP,TFT
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 VOIP Gateway (ATA: 1wan 3lan, 2fxs, 1pstn) (VoIP шлюз (ATA: 1WAN 3lan, 2FXS, 1pstn))
Procuts Name: VOIP GatewayProduct Model: PL-4021. IEEE 802. 3 10 Base T2. Sip 2. 0, RFC3261, H. 323 V4 protocal3. Support G. 711a / U, G. 723. 1, G. 729 / A / B / AB and GSM610 codec4. Support DHCP, P
Адаптер Bluetooth Dongle
Procuts Name: Bluetooth Dongle AdapterProduct Model: USBT111. CSR V2.0+EDR / CSR V1.2 / ISSC V1.2 / BT05 spec2. Bluetooth V2.0+EDR: 2Mbps and 3Mbps3. 40~100 meters (optional) range at free spacebatter
Мобильный телефон Hand-наушники
The supply global latest a cellular phone heapdhone, support greatly parts of cellular phones to connect currently.The heapdhone of the convenience beauty, have no radiation the positive heat to sell
Skype телефон
Procuts Name: Skype USB PhoneProduct Model: USB-M041. Support Skype, Complies SIP, H323, MGCP protocol2. Dot-matrix graphic LCD, any languages can be displayed3. Skype Contact List, Call List and time
Skype телефон с телевизором
Procuts Name: Skype USB PhoneProduct Model: I Phone Pro1. Support Skype, Complies SIP, H323protocol2. Fully functional keypad enables you to make/receive calls even easier3. USBPhone ring for incoming
Skype телефон USB-мышь
Procuts Name: Mouse VOIP USBPhoneProduct Model: MousePhone1. The most creative design: Mouse with VOIP USBPhone Features2. As a mouse: 800 dpi optical sentor. . .3. As a Hi-Fi Speaker: Crystal clear s

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