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Steily Group Co., Ltd
8# 3-706 Shijichuncheng Longhua Town 518109 Shenzhen China, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Replacement batteries for ipod 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation, mini, photo, shuffle, nano, vedio as below:IPOD-1st, 2nd (up325385a4h) 3. 7v 1600mah li-poIPOD (325385a4h) (high capacity) 3. 7v 2200mah li-polyIPOD-3 (616-0159) 3. 7v 600mah li-ionIPOD-3 3. 7v 850mah li-polyIPOD-4th (616-0183) 3. 7v 750mah li-ionIPOD mini (ec003) 3. 7v mah 600mah li-ionIPOD mini (ec003) 3. 7v mah 650mah li-polyIPOD photo (616-0206) 3. 7v 900mah li-ionIPOD shuffle (616-0212) 3. 7v 250mah li-polyIPOD nano (616-0223) 3. 7v 400mah li-polyIPOD vedio (616-0229) 3. 7v 500mah li-polyIPOD vedio (616-0232) 3. 7 750mah li-polyPackage: blister cardLead time: within 8 working daysWarranty: 1 yearUser manual, two opening tools includedMOQ: 100pcs / models, 500pcs / shenpmentPack: 45x31x24cm, 100pcs / CTN, 7-8. 9kgs / CTNHigh quality + extra capcity + competitive price + one year warranty
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Аккумулятор Ipod
 Replacement Battery For Ipod (Аккумулятор Ipod)
Replacement batteries for iPod 1st,2nd,3rd,4th Generation, Mini, Photo, Shuffle, Nano, Vedio as below:IPOD-1st,2nd (UP325385A4H)3.7v 1600mAh Li-poIPOD(325385a4H)(High Capacity) 3.7v 2200mAh Li-polyIPO
Жесткий диск для Ipod
1) Hard disk compatible for ipod-mini (4GB) , iPod-4 Gen MK2004GAL (20GB) , iPod-Video (30GB)2) Original (Toshiba) goods with reliable qualtity.3) Good price for wholesalerAlso we can offer:1) Scroll
Аккумулятор для Bl kberry
 Battery For Blackberry (Аккумулятор для Bl kberry)
To provide:RIM BLACKBERRY R957series (ASY-02965-001) 3. 7v 1300Mah Li-ion SilverRIM BLACKBERRY 7100T / 7100V / 8700C / 8707V (CC-2) 3. 7v 900Mah Iron GreyRIM BLACKBERRY 7100T (CC-2) 3. 7v 1800Mah Li-i
Аккумулятор для Ipod Nano
 Battery For Ipod Nano (Аккумулятор для Ipod Nano)
* li-polymer battery with 10% extra higher capacity than the original battery* designed for iPOD nano* oiginal battery model: 6160223* 3. 7v, li-polymer, 400mah.
Аккумулятор для КПК
 Battery For PDA (Аккумулятор для КПК)
Name: DAP565Item No. : DPA565 L850AAvailable for: DPD565, 575, 858, SPV C500, SPV C550, HTC Feeler, HTC Sonata, HTC Fleeler, HTC Sonata, HTC Amadeus, I-mate SP3, QTEK8020 / 8300, 8310, 02 XII, HTCMTEO
Аккумуляторной батареи для Ipod Video
 Battery Pack For Ipod Video (Аккумуляторной батареи для Ipod Video)
Specification:1. Capactiy: 650mah2. Voltage: 3. 7v3. Rechargeable li-polymer battery4. With CE approval and one year warrantyPacking: blister package
Зарядное устройство для Ipod
 Charger For Ipod (Зарядное устройство для Ipod)
New travel charger and car charger for ipod are available, pls see below informations.White high-impact plasticRetractable coil cordLED power indicatorReplaceable fuse protectionDiode protectedSleek a
Crystal Case для Ipod Nano
 Crystal Case For Ipod Nano (Crystal Case для Ipod Nano)
Features:1) Designed to fit perfectly your iPod Nano2) Views your iPod Nano without taking it out from the case3) Protects your iPod shuffle from bumps and damages4) Durable crystal clear plastic
Crystal Clear Case для Ipod
 Crystal Clear Case For Ipod (Crystal Clear Case для Ipod)
Features:1) Designed to fit perfectly your iPod shuffle2) Views your iPod shuffle without taking it out from the case3) Protects your iPod shuffle from bumps and damages4) Durable crystal clear plasti

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